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  1. roll clip!
    The Today Show Promotes Al Roker’s Kitchen to Meteorology StudioNo coronavirus there.
  2. encounter
    Jenny Offill Wrote the Perfect Worry NovelIn Weather, the author takes us through the Five Stages of Climactic Grief.
  3. drama!
    Weather Channel Forced to Defend Reporter Who Faked Hurricane Florence WindsYes, of course there’s a video.
  4. vulture lists
    What Is the Coldest Netflix Show?A thorough investigation inspired by Seven Seconds.
  5. the lynchian psyche
    Here’s a Friendly Reminder That David Lynch Used to Do Kooky Weather ReportsGood morning, Los Angeles.
  6. weather reports
    This Weather Report Has Great Ghostbusters PunsBritish newscaster Sian Welby filled her weather report with ghost-themed wordplay.
  7. it's raining puns
    This Weather Girl Sure Makes Good Star Wars Puns“If you Luke father west … if you’re Wookiee.”
  8. Snow Globe Weather Forecast, by Alonso CisnerosSunday: Snowstorm. Flurries. Clear and sunny skies on this warm morning, suddenly followed by a snowstorm after someone shakes the snow globe […]
  9. Tips For Fighting Global Warming, by Alex PearsonIt’s summer—one of the top two seasons for climate change discussion. Have the blistering heat waves of recent summers been created by man-made […]
  10. Chris Hardwick Finds His New Calling as a Weatherman Already a podcast mogul and a geek culture demi-god, Chris Hardwick can now add “America’s best weatherman” to his jam-packed resumé.
  11. The Complete Guide to Everything: FrankenStorm (YouTube Live Edition)This week we get completely interrupted by a Frankenstorm hurricane named Sandy. While many lesser podcasts would say, “Sorry everyone, we […]
  12. jeff tweedy
    See Jeff Tweedy Try His Hand at Being a WeathermanJeff Tweedy tells viewers, “You can read,” single-handedly teaching local news producers everywhere how to cut costs dramatically.
  13. clickables
    Watch Bret Michaels’s Homemade Weather ReportMichaels, an apparent storm enthusiast, sent this tour-bus video diary to the Weather Channel.
  14. clickables
    Watch Tom Hanks Do an Interpretive-Dance Weather Report on UnivisionIt’s pretty great.
  15. clickables
    Meet the “Do You See That?” Tornado GuyDo you?