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  1. This Week In Web Videos: ‘Studio Heads’I realize I’m about to tread on some touchy territory but just hear me out. Maybe, just maybe, we’re all a little prejudiced when it comes to […]
  2. This Week in Web Videos: ‘The Audition’ Last week, we published the 90th installment of This Week In Web Video’s (formerly called “This Week’s Web Series You Need To Watch”). It […]
  3. This Week In Web Videos: ‘Precious Plum’Way back, a long long time ago (in the early 2000s), a little sketch group called Dutch West became one of the first collectives of writers and […]
  4. This Week In Web Videos: ‘How To NOT Win Back Your Ex’Person is born. Person is made somewhat insecure by the travails of daily life and, for some reason, feels a little better when people laugh at […]
  5. This Week In Web Videos: ‘Breaking Bad Sadness’ and ‘People Freaking Out […] So, the shoot’s over. Everyone had a great time high-fiving and doing impressions and eating the single bag of Doritos you brought as crafty. […]
  6. This Week In Web Videos: ‘Japanese Commercial Reel’ George Kareman. George Kareman. George Kareman. George Kareman. Tired of reading George Kareman’s name yet? Well then maybe you shouldn’t look […]
  7. This Week In Web Videos: ‘Sad Boss’There are lots of web series on the Internet. Few will capture your office mates’ attention and have them laughing out loud in under 30 […]
  8. This Week In Web Videos: ‘Jean Claude Van Damme on the ArScheerio Paul […] It’s Wednesday, ya’ll, and that means you’re in for a web video treat! Actually, it means you’re in for a bunch of them, assuming you haven’t […]
  9. This Week In Web Videos: ‘Two Jasperjohns’“Keep it simple.” Hear it once, it’s one person’s opinion. Hear it twice, maybe that second person’s friends with the first guy who said it. […]
  10. This Week In Web Videos: ‘Annie and a Side of Fries’Everyone says “Write what you know.” Well, not literally everyone but a lot of people do — people who give advice on writing. And that […]
  11. This Week In Web Videos: ‘Last Night’If you like inviting friends to Facebook fan pages you’ve created for yourself or your series and enjoy tweeting links to the latest episodes […]
  12. This Week In Web Videos: ‘The Real Rob’ Web series are different from TV shows for lots of reasons: They’re lower budget, they’re shorter, they’re not on TV. Unless you have a Roku […]
  13. This Week In Web Videos: ‘Little Horribles’All comedians say they want to collaborate with other funny people. We want everyone to think we’re super nice and easy going and we say things […]
  14. This Week In Web Videos: ‘Omelette Sunday’ We’ve covered so many superb web contributions in the almost two years that this column has been running. 78 of them to be exact. And today, […]
  15. This Week In Web Videos: Maria Bamford’s ‘Ask My Mom!’Last week, I got to live out a childhood dream and talk to Maria Bamford, a woman I watched on many a standup special as a wee lad. She makes […]
  16. This Week In Web Videos: ‘Good Cop Great Cop’If you were to click over to your Facebook tab right now and give your news feed a couple of hardy scrolls down, you’d likely find a smattering […]
  17. This Week In Web Videos: ‘Tragic Relief’A Kickstarter campaign and a twisted mind. That’s all it took to take this week’s selection from idea germ to offbeat comedy reality. That, and […]
  18. This Week In Web Videos: Passive Aggressive Friends Talking About Their […]Never in the storied history of this column has there been a series that is more viscerally relatable than Passive Aggressive Friends Talking […]
  19. This Week In Web Videos: ‘Slutty Clothes’ Spring is finally here, and that means sunglasses, Frisbee tossing, and lots of dudes prancing around in Slutty Clothes. “Wait, what?” You […]
  20. This Week In Web Videos: ‘Shrinkage’“Mom, dad. I want to be a comedian.” Chilling words. Words that may be every parent’s worst nightmare, not necessarily because moms and pops […]
  21. This Week In Web Videos: ‘Pigeon Pick Up Artist’ For every 10 college seniors who tell friends that they’re going to pursue a career in comedy after graduation, maybe 1 actually does. (Unless […]
  22. This Week In Web Videos: ‘The Lorne Michaels Project’Do you know who Scott Rogowsky is? No? Well, then you’re among the vast majority of people in the world but, and this is a weighty “but,” the […]
  23. This Week In Web Videos: The Boo Ya Pictures ShowEvery group of four male friends thinks they’re hilarious. It’s scientific fact — as sure as the drunken conversation where that same […]
  24. This Week In Web Videos: Conversations With a Twitter FeedAs Americans, we’re obsessed with two things: Celebrities and a good old-fashioned roll in the hay with our best guy or gal. We also like […]
  25. This Week In Web Videos: ‘Huffin’ It’My writing an article in support of Huffin’ It will almost certainly prompt a nervous call from my mother where she’ll ask if I’m on drugs and, […]
  26. This Week In Web Videos: ‘Compulsive Love’He’s baaaack. Alex Anfanger, the wide-eyed good guy who first found a special place in our Internet hearts with last year’s smash hit series, […]
  27. This Week In Web Videos: Jared Posts A PersonalNo money. Dearth of bite-size, 1-3-minute ideas. Limited production experience. There are plenty of reasons not to turn the web series idea […]
  28. This Week In Web Videos: ‘Long Haired Businessmen’We’ve all been at that party, the one a friend drags you to on a night you’d planned to stay in, guzzle OJ right out of the carton, and […]
  29. This Week In Web Videos: ‘Sing-a-Gram’From the time we’re itty bitty small, we’re told to reach for the stars. “Impossible is nothing,” various faceless teachers assure. “Where […]
  30. This Week In Web Videos: ‘High Maintenance’Weed humor and Seth Rogen are not inextricably linked after all, and High Maintenance is proof. Created and written by husband and wife team […]
  31. This Week In Web Videos: Fleetwood Mac Men301. Sometimes 302. These are the points at which YouTube videos’ viewcount meter stalls as it verifies the authenticity of looks above that […]
  32. This Week In Web Videos: ‘Coogan Auto’We’re all nervous, constantly. I am and you are. Follow me on this. We’re comedy nerds, right? That means we like comedy (duh) and it also […]
  33. This Week In Web Videos: ‘Two Cops’If someone told me two weeks ago that I’d be kicking off 2013’s first installment of This Week In Web Videos by profiling a series about John […]
  34. This Year In Web Videos: A Big Fat 2012 RecapIt seems like just a year ago that I was writing to all of you recapping 2011’s web series, because it was a year…almost exactly. Now, here […]
  35. This Week In Web Videos: ‘Sugarboy’Raw, unbridled creativity may be the stuff of pure genius, but it’s rarely what we see on screen. Somewhere in between a creator’s hatching a […]
  36. This Week In Web Videos: Hipster Thanksgiving You read this column every week to get your web series and sketch video news (just let me think that even if it’s not true), I know. And I […]
  37. This Week In Web Videos: ‘Waco Valley’“Just let it happen. The best things come when you just let it happen.” It’s something many ultra-creative people say as they sip their beers […]
  38. This Week In Web Videos: ‘Kicking Dan Out’Before this week, I thought writer’s block was a myth, a story device perpetuated by B-movie writers looking for a way to get their […]
  39. This Week In Web Videos: ‘Ground Game’Someone who I really admire in the world of comedy (you’d probably know his name if I said it, but I don’t know if he’d want me saying it and […]
  40. This Week In Web Videos: ‘Lizzie and Ali, A (Mostly) True Story’Plot’s easy. Specificity’s hard. What the hell am I talking about, right? Okay, easy does it. Let me explain. Consider writing a pitch or […]
  41. This Week In Web Videos: Bob Wins an Award When I called Zeke Hawkins a few weeks ago to discuss his short, Bob Wins an Award, he was in LA, driving back from a creative meeting about a […]
  42. This Week In Web Videos: Other Mothered“Screw what’s popular. Do what you love!” It sounds great, but isn’t always so realistic. Though we all want to be masters of our creative […]
  43. This Week In Web Videos: Lady and the DampJust shoot it. That’s what I’ve learned from Matt Levy, creator of this week’s featured series, Lady and the Damp. As “creatives” (writers, […]
  44. This Week In Web Videos: PHIL Lauren Hill and Anna Breslaw are quickly becoming this column’s female empowerment champions. In April, we covered Beer Goggles, their […]
  45. This Week In Web Videos: ‘I’m Too Fragile For This’Most people can’t pull improv off. Not even improv that’s “loosely scripted” (Curb style). Not even for a thirty-second, 101 class exercise. […]
  46. This Week In Web Videos: ‘Couple Time’“I think you have to just make what you love and be bold and specific with your style and choices,” said Patrick Carlyle, co-creator and star […]
  47. This Week In Web Videos: ‘Homo Thugs’Good comedy is born from the antithetical—situations that are so opposite what we expect that they catch us off guard. (Conversely, “bad” […]
  48. This Week In Web Videos: Jerry Seinfeld’s ‘Comedians in Cars Getting […]Much of comedy is derivative. Even the good stuff. Especially the good stuff. Funny people develop a relationship with a certain brand of humor […]
  49. This Week In Web Videos: Someecards.comThis week’s pick isn’t a singular sketch or a web series. It’s also not a nonsensical plug for Someecards.com, so I’m sorry if the title’s […]
  50. This Week In Web Videos: Skit Box“We recognised that there was a serious lack of female driven comedy content on the web, and we wanted to change that,” says Adele Vuko, one […]
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