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  1. Watch a Play from Bob Odenkirk’s New Book Called ‘Hitler Dinner Party’Bob Odenkirk’s new book A Load of Hooey comes out today, and to get you excited, he teamed up with Funny or Die and the voice talents of Megan […]
  2. This Week In Web Videos: A Model Young Republican People who go to Harvard are very funny. Always. 100 percent of the time. Whether they mean to be (Lampoon) or not (pastels most of the […]
  3. This Week In Web Videos: Why Starbucks Spells Your Name Wrong Since yesterday afternoon, the Internet has been alight with Paul Gale. Every viral video round up you can find features the YouTube […]
  4. Behold, the ‘Community’ Cast’s Gift to ‘The Greatest Fans in History’ The entire cast of Community simultaneously tweeted out this new video today, which they’ve been referring to as a “gift for the greatest fans […]
  5. Fox’s Late-Night Animation Block, FoxADHD, Launches a Daily Video Site […] Fox’s new late-night animation block, FoxADHD, is getting closer to its July 2013 launch. There’s now a new site for it that’s debuting a new […]
  6. ‘The Daily Show’ Correspondents Explain Politics and Political StuffThe Daily Show with Jon StewartGet More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,The Daily Show on Facebook Politics? More like […]
  7. Paul Scheer Auditioning for 50 Shades of Grey: ‘You like that cheese dick’ Scheer nails so many of Grey’s 50 shades. There’s grey suit grey and grey backdrop grey and poorly lit white paper grey and aluminum foil […]
  8. Chin Dildo Starring H. Jon Benjamin, Of Course Guys, this is really powerful. I thought it was going to be just a bit but it’s obviously a metaphor for… umm… how a lot of people stuck […]
  9. Are Men Funny? I am a man and now I’m certain I’ll never be funny. Do you know any funny men? Morgan Murphy is pretty gender-neutral name; can she be a man? […]
  10. Rainn Wilson’s YouTube Channel Is Different from Other Comedians’ Channels What Chris Hardwick’s Nerdist is for nerds, Rainn Wilson’s Soulpancake is for spirituality. It’s a bit different than the standard YouTube […]
  11. Pete Holmes’s ‘Batman but Dumb’ Character Rises Haha, classic. Who would’ve thought all you needed to do is take Batman, who is by all accounts smart, and make him stupid and you’d be […]
  12. The ‘Golden Girls’—Superhero Mash-Up You’ve Been Clamoring For How much do you want to see a full episode of this? With Christopher Nolan wrapping up his Batman saga this summer, this seems like the […]
  13. Reggie Watts Knows A Lot More About Canals than Cover Songs As we pointed out previously, Reggie Watts is awesome at being Reggie Watts. So, when the AV Club asked him to participate in their covers […]
  14. A Masked Horatio Sanz and a Bunch of UCBers Fight ‘Crime’ Horatio Sanz found time outside of busy interviewing Joseph Kony schedule to slap on a mask and create this very funny webseries. He plays […]
  15. The State of Gays in ComedyToday over at Blackbook, Tyler Coates has an excellent look at the state of gay comedians. He talked to folks such as James Adomian, Gabe […]
  16. A Sequel to Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog Is in the WorksThe Internet’s most gently diabolical frozen yogurt-loving anti-hero is coming back! Joss Whedon says he has “a whole outline” and “a number of […]
  17. Key and Peele Web Sketch Admits That the Show Could Benefit From Dragons Mostly everyone enjoyed the premiere of Key and Peele, but TSA employees and aspiring comedy writers Vandaveon Huggins and Mike Taylor could […]
  18. Your New Favorite Republican Debate (So Far, Anyway) Is OnlineYou can watch the entire Yahoo! Funny or Die GOP Presidential Internet World Wide Web Online AOL Cyberworld Computerpod Wireless Network Live […]
  19. hulu
    The Coming Commercialization of HuluThere won’t be a DVR to save you.
  20. A Good Reason to Be Careful When Making a Sassy Facebook Wall Post Here’s the latest episode of web series “Duder,” starring Splitsider’s own Finally Screenings author Alden Ford. In this episode, we see the […]
  21. Chris Gethard Confronts an Internet Tormentor On the internet, it’s really easy to hide behind a screenname and be a real asshole. It’s even easier when you’re being an anonymous asshole […]
  22. New Garfunkel & Oates Video: This Party Took a Turn for the Douche Here’s the lastest video from Garfunkel & Oates: This Party Took a Turn for the Douche. If you’re wondering what they can do with some cash […]
  23. Two Dudes Spoil 50 Comedy Movies For Some Reason These guys rattle off spoilers for 50 comedy movies in three minutes. Can someone explain to me just what the appeal of this is? They’ve done […]
  24. A Terrifying Rob Lowe Had No Idea Parks and Rec Hasn’t Been on the Air in […] Working with Rob Lowe seems kind of awful, if this video from the set of Parks and Rec is accurate. Thank god the show comes back in a mere […]
  25. This Is All the Ghostbusters 3 I Need Sure, there may or may not be an actual Ghostbusters 3 being made, but this new video from the ChubbySkinnyKids is all I need. It’s a pretty […]
  26. Judd Apatow’s Celebrity-Stuffed PSA for AJWSEven after watching this video that Judd Apatow made for them, I’m still not super clear on what exactly the American Jewish World Service […]
  27. Grandpa + Vampire = Grampire, NaturallyCollegeHumor’s long-running Hardly Working series has the enviable ability to take something relatively simple, like a pun (Grampire, get […]
  28. Reggie Watts’ New Video: ‘Big Muff’Here’s beatboxing comedian Reggie Watts’ new video, called “Big Muff.” Says video director/Watts roommate/Vimeo co-founder Jakob Lodwick: […]
  29. How To Thrust Your Fat Into A More Appealing ShapeFrom The Onion News Network: “You just make sure you soap up your arms before trying to work them through the tubes, because if they’re dry […]
  30. ESPN’s Pretty Good Sports Show Is Actually Pretty Good There’s a lot to be skeptical about when you hear that ESPN is producing an online comedic video series centered around New York sports. I […]
  31. Between Two Ferns, Starring Seth Galifianakis and Sean Penn God, Between Two Ferns is without a doubt my favorite web series. It’s just pitch-perfect and, despite you kind of knowing what you’re going […]
  32. The Gooch I think CollegeHumor videos are at their best when they take a concept to an absurd conclusion, ending with pure, undiluted ridiculousness. […]
  33. Victim in Fatal Car Accident Tragically Not Glenn BeckThe Onion News Network, in top form: “She was just a normal kid, she wasn’t some fat, dumb Mormon fuckface who should’ve drank herself to death […]