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  1. hulu
    The Coming Commercialization of HuluThere won’t be a DVR to save you.
  2. This Is All the Ghostbusters 3 I Need Sure, there may or may not be an actual Ghostbusters 3 being made, but this new video from the ChubbySkinnyKids is all I need. It’s a pretty […]
  3. Judd Apatow’s Celebrity-Stuffed PSA for AJWSEven after watching this video that Judd Apatow made for them, I’m still not super clear on what exactly the American Jewish World Service […]
  4. Grandpa + Vampire = Grampire, NaturallyCollegeHumor’s long-running Hardly Working series has the enviable ability to take something relatively simple, like a pun (Grampire, get […]
  5. Reggie Watts’ New Video: ‘Big Muff’Here’s beatboxing comedian Reggie Watts’ new video, called “Big Muff.” Says video director/Watts roommate/Vimeo co-founder Jakob Lodwick: […]
  6. How To Thrust Your Fat Into A More Appealing ShapeFrom The Onion News Network: “You just make sure you soap up your arms before trying to work them through the tubes, because if they’re dry […]
  7. ESPN’s Pretty Good Sports Show Is Actually Pretty Good There’s a lot to be skeptical about when you hear that ESPN is producing an online comedic video series centered around New York sports. I […]
  8. Between Two Ferns, Starring Seth Galifianakis and Sean Penn God, Between Two Ferns is without a doubt my favorite web series. It’s just pitch-perfect and, despite you kind of knowing what you’re going […]
  9. The Gooch I think CollegeHumor videos are at their best when they take a concept to an absurd conclusion, ending with pure, undiluted ridiculousness. […]
  10. Victim in Fatal Car Accident Tragically Not Glenn BeckThe Onion News Network, in top form: “She was just a normal kid, she wasn’t some fat, dumb Mormon fuckface who should’ve drank herself to death […]