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  1. terrifying things
    Enter Conner O’Malley’s Nightmarish ‘Hudson Yards Video Game’It’s as funny as it is terrifying.
  2. web videos
    John Early and Kate Berlant’s New Video Will Make You Deeply UncomfortableEven worse, it’s “based on true events.”
  3. underrated
    Tim Heidecker Highly Recommends You Visit BranchburgNot a lot of people know Cory and Brendan’s comedy. Heidecker wants to change that.
  4. web videos
    What Happened to Super Deluxe’s YouTube Channel?Tons of videos by Vic Berger and other comedians have disappeared this week.
  5. breakups
    Carmen Christopher Is Absolutely Killing It!!!It’s time for this boy to become a man.
  6. watch this
    ‘True Detective Pikachu’ Is Here to Haunt Your DreamsPika pika!
  7. tingles
    Relax to the Soothing Sounds of ‘ASMR for White Liberals’Randall Otis’s new video is hilarious and worth your time.
  8. keep comedy weird
    Three Delightfully Weird and Funny Videos for Your Viewing PleasureChris Fleming, Carmen Christopher, Lorelei Ramirez are keeping weird comedy alive.
  9. impressive things
    Overachiever Alert: Comedian Joe Kwaczala Released 31 Videos in One DayA new standard has been set!
  10. documentaries
    Meet the 1970s Guerillas Who Helped Kick-start DIY Video ComedyDecades before smartphones and YouTube made producing videos easy, there was TVTV.
  11. this week in web videos
    Blake Rosier’s Still Killing Prank VideosNot familiar with this guy? It’s time to change that.
  12. homophobia
    Comedians Slam New York Times for Homophobic Trump/Putin ‘Joke’“Please explain to me why being gay is the joke?”
  13. Scott Rogowsky Makes a Jewel Juul, Loses His Mind at the 2018 Governors Ball“I am a gooooooooood!!!!!”
  14. ‘Phantom Bread’: So Dumb, So FunIt seems too easy: a Phantom Thread parody about a baker called Phantom Bread. Know what? It is that easy. Written by and starring Anna Salinas […]
  15. ‘Beethoven’s Producer’ Shows the Changing Tide in Digital ComedyIt’s been nearly two years since we featured Chuck Armstrong and Charlie Stockman’s work, and in that time, digital comedy’s landscape has […]
  16. ‘Triple Kiss’: Billy Scafuri Goes SoloWith these ten minutes of sweet absurdity, the longtime Harvard Sailing Team (HST) member has flexed his muscles as a solo creator with an […]
  17. ‘Hot Take’: Worth Having a Take OnWritten, edited, and directed by Corey Sherman, Hot Take is a delightful contribution to the growing field of hot take jokes. For the […]
  18. ‘I, Nancy’: This Week in Trailer ParodiesLike someone doing a spot-on celebrity impression, even the best parodies are, at their very core, marvels of the derivative. Still, there’s […]
  19. ‘Blair’: TBS Is Lookin’ at Instagram!In 2014, comedian Mo Welch posted her first comic on her @momowelch Instagram handle. It featured a simply drawn depressive named Blair and […]
  20. web videos
    Head to Atlantic City for a ‘Guys Day’ with Conner O’Malley and Carmen […]Frequent collaborators Conner O’Malley and Carmen Chrisopher are back with a brand new video today. Titled Guys Day, the short follows two […]
  21. Another Round of Layoffs Hit Funny or DieA year and a half after a round of layoffs that shuttered the San Mateo engineering office and left 37 people without a job and almost one year […]
  22. ‘Bjork’: My First Favorite Short of 2018Welcome back, dear readers. Do you already need a break from the grind? Well, do you? Okay, good. Here’s that break. It’s directed by a […]
  23. Bill Burr Teaches a Comedy MasterClass in Tyler Fischer’s Latest VideoIn October, New York-based comedian Tyler Fischer stole the show at The Bell House’s annual Schtick or Treat comedy show with his incredibly […]
  24. Conner O’Malley’s Latest Video Features Jo Firestone, ISIS, and Premium […]It wouldn’t be right to close out 2017 without one more video from Conner O’Malley, and if you already saw his video from September where he […]
  25. ‘Lil’ Alex Jones’: Exactly What It Sounds LikeCafe’s new series Lil’ Alex Jones features a very young man doing his best Alex Jones impersonation. That’s essentially it. No, sorry, […]
  26. Ryan Mazer’s Dire Warning About NYCCreator Ryan Mazer is no stranger to deep, disturbing introspection, and we’re no stranger to covering it. Today’s feature is Mazer’s latest […]
  27. ‘Hiatus’: A Facebook Show That Deserves More Likes I don’t like profiling videos or series rooted in “Hollywood” culture if I can help it. Sometimes I can’t help it. Sometimes the work is […]
  28. Check Out a Compilation of Gil Ozeri’s Best Snapchat VideosGil Ozeri has long been considered one of the funniest comedians to follow on Snapchat, but in case you haven’t checked it out yet – or you’d […]
  29. Conner O’Malley Heads to Times Square in Disguise as Late ‘80s Dennis […]Conner O’Malley released a brand new video today called “Miller Time,” and it’s the perfect way to start your week. This time O’Malley plays […]
  30. Why Vic Berger Is the Perfect Satirist for the Trump EraTom Lehrer once said “I don’t want to satirize George [W.] Bush and his puppeteers, I want to vaporize them.” Perhaps even more than with Bush, […]
  31. Celebrating Ten Years of Funny or Die with CEO Mike FarahYou’ve probably heard by now that Funny or Die is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. The comedy behemoth founded by Adam McKay, Will […]
  32. Two Unearthed Videos: Robert Smigel’s ‘All You Can Eat and the Temple of […]Recently, a YouTube account named Robot Pilot unearthed two great clips of shows by Mindy Kaling and Robert Smigel, and they’re a perfectly […]
  33. Here Are Two Vastly Different, Similarly Fun VideosWhat do Jared Kushner and a trio of Greasers have in common? Yes, loved ones who obsessively groom their ridiculous hair but also: this week’s […]
  34. Anthony Gaskins & Carl Foreman, Jr.? You Should KnowA web series about two teachers at a fancy New York middle school? Sure. Sounds like a web series. Frank & Lamar is that. It’s on IFC’s […]
  35. ‘Three Women’: A New Short with an Old MethodFrom the opening frame, Three Women brought back the smell of Blockbuster Video. Not the smell of bulldozed drywall dust in 2007, the smell of […]
  36. Take a Moment to Relax with Kerri Kenney in ‘Painting with Joan’We’re in the middle of a very intense political news day, and when things get stressful, it’s important to take a moment to breathe, relax, and […]
  37. Rachel Bloom Made an Emmy Campaign Video About Why She Hates Emmy Campaign […]Sure, Rachel Bloom can say she’s a Golden Globe winner for her performance in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, but don’t assume that means she cares about […]
  38. Please Allow Paul F. Tompkins to Teach You How to Tie a Bow TieIt’s an indisputable fact that Paul F. Tompkins is a classy, distinguished man with impeccable style and a lifelong love for bow ties, so […]
  39. Bobby Moynihan Shows Off His Basketball Skills in a New Video for ‘The […]Bobby Moynihan might have just left SNL after nine seasons, but that hasn’t stopped him from starring in a brand new video from Above Average’s […]
  40. ‘Ba dum tss’: One Small Joke, One Big LaughFrom New York comedian Evan Krumholz comes a quick hit that’s good for a Wednesday LOL. Simple, imaginative, and relatable, his contribution […]
  41. Love Dramedies About Comedians? Watch Totally Real Show ‘Cuplicated’Is Vioobu a real streaming platform created by, directed by, edited by, showrun by, and starring Clip Cup’s Craig Healy, or a ruse by some very […]
  42. A Web Video Sensation Two Years in the MakingTV actor Ben Giroux has been making internet videos for 10 years, often with musician and collaborator Jensen Reed. Nothing new there. What is […]
  43. George Saunders Orders a Mousetrap in a New Video from ‘ClickHole’Back in September, ClickHole did something a little different when they uploaded a video featuring Conan O’Brien called “Absolutely Beautiful: […]
  44. ‘Little Clown’ Does Something More Sketches ShouldWritten by and starring Wes Haney, directed by Doron Max Hagay, and featuring Ana Fabrega in a silent but memorable role, Little Clown grabbed […]
  45. Michael Showalter, David Wain, and Michael Ian Black Wake Up from a […]In the wake of last week’s beautifully named winter storm Stella, David Wain, Michael Showalter, and Michael Ian Black surprised fans today […]
  46. ‘The Flirt’ and John Milhiser’s Sweet-FunnyThe Flirt just makes you feel good. It’s funny, though. That’s the whole thing. It makes you feel good AND it’s very funny. Written by and […]
  47. Brad Howe Is a Good and Creepy DadWith so much dad content swirling around in the comedy dad-mosphere, it can be difficult to decide which dad you’re going to dad-vote your time […]
  48. John Purcell Ups the Meta GameLast week, we covered a straight mockumentary – a clearly silly premise sold as something real. This week, we’re turning our focus to a […]
  49. ‘El Cuco’ and the Value of Non-Fiction InspirationWhat do you do when you need more life experience to create new and innovative comedy, but you want to make things now? You go down wormholes, […]
  50. The Age of Message Comedy Lots of comedians I follow on Twitter haven’t joked in months, and it’s not because they don’t funny ideas. It’s because of articles like […]
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