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  1. Redford Is a Really Funny Sketch Group That’s (Gasp!) Not From UCB It’s no secret that there are a lot of funny sketch groups outside of the also very funny UCB community but, because UCB is so incredibly […]
  2. Conner O’Malley Continues His Donald Trump Rally Tour in Arizona (and the […]Not long after visiting a Donald Trump rally in Orlando, Late Night writer Conner O’Malley is back with a brand new Funny or Die video as […]
  3. How Comedian Pat Stango Made His Day Job His Dream Job Part-time writer/comedian, full-time Penguin Random House Publishing employee, Pat Stango has created a pretty fun branded content idea with […]
  4. comedy
    CollegeHumor Looks Beyond the InternetThe comedy outlet tackles its own “adapt or die” moment.
  5. The WiFi Password That Guarantees SexChicago-bred comedian John Druska was asked to fly to New York to audition for ol’ Lorne a couple years ago, and it’s no surprise why. Sure, […]
  6. Sara Schaefer Investigates ‘Rape Lying’ as a Potential Career Path for […]Bill Cosby. Roman Polanski. Mike Tyson. Ben Roethlisberger. These are just a few of the big-name male celebrities who have been caught on the […]
  7. Watch Conner O’Malley Reach Enlightenment at a Donald Trump Rally in […]Late Night writer Conner O’Malley has been on a roll lately treating us to great man-on-the-street videos. First it was the Exxxotica Expo in […]
  8. The Comedy, Music, and Friendship of Austin Martinez Austin Martinez, best known for their music videos like EMOJIJAM and “Morning Face” (a “Flawless” parody) are ready to break out of the small […]
  9. If You Love Mexican Soap Operas, You’ll Love This VideoComedians are creative. Absolutely! Even still, it’s so rare that a comedian’s creative instinct strays from very tried and true formats. […]
  10. ‘Late Night’ Writer Conner O’Malley Checked Out Today’s Failed […]In response to her performance at the Super Bowl halftime show, a bunch of Beyoncé haters recently attempted to put together a protest outside […]
  11. Eric Wareheim and Aziz Ansari Make the Perfect TV Pair in ‘Big Bud Lil Bud’It turns out that Eric Wareheim and Aziz Ansari don’t just play best buddies on Master of None – their TV buddy comedy history goes back much, […]
  12. Watch Funny or Die’s ‘Donald Trump’s The Art Of The Deal: The Movie’ […]Right in time for Donald Trump’s win at the New Hampshire primary election, Funny or Die dropped a surprise, star-studded, 50-minute video this […]
  13. BriTANicK Is Back with ‘The Foul Line,’ Their First Web Video in Over Two […]It’s been nearly three years since Nick Kocher and Brian McElhaney, also known as sketch duo BriTANick, posted a new video, but this month […]
  14. Watch Conner O’Malley Take a Trip to the Exxxotica Expo in New JerseyThe last time Late Night with Seth Meyers writer Conner O’Malley released a video he definitively proved that McDonald’s is better than Burger […]
  15. Check Out a Sketch Kevin Hart Made with a Comedy Group from SwedenKevin Hart recently did something a little different to promote his latest film Ride Along 2 by teaming up with Swedish comedy group […]
  16. Don’t Be Confused By This Wonderfully Confusing SketchOh, man. UCB’s new Maude team, Choir only has 19 subscribers, and that’s about to change real quick if they keep putting out sketches like […]
  17. This Week in Web Videos: ‘Ryan Gosling Stole My Best Friend’ There are so many things about Ryan Gosling Stole My Best Friend that, upon first glance, turned me off. The celeb-centric premise that read […]
  18. This Week in Web Videos: ‘Making a Murderer’ Parodies It’s been a week and a half since the holiday Netflix binge concluded, and I’m very surprised there aren’t more quality Making a Murderer […]
  19. Broadway Video’s Latino-Focused Comedy Channel Más Mejor Launches TodayBroadway Video just added another comedy outlet to the internet today with the launch of Más Mejor, a new comedy channel featuring Latino […]
  20. The Best Web Videos of 2015So, these are web videos, and what have we done? Another year over, and a new one just begun. Or soon to begin, haha, and what better time to […]
  21. Check Out Connor Ratliff’s Secular Holiday Special ‘Spirit of Ratliff’If you’re looking for some new and improved Christmas carols for 2015, look no further than Connor Ratliff and Mikey Erg’s new holiday special […]
  22. Sarah Palin Made a ‘30 Rock’ Parody with John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and […]Not to be outdone by Ted Cruz’s Christmas “parody ad,” Sarah Palin has thrown her hat into the comedy ring this week by teaming up […]
  23. Scott Aukerman and Casey Wilson Reenact the Creepiest Christmas Song of […]To celebrate Christmas, Funny or Die teamed up with Scott Aukerman and Casey Wilson to make a video that serves as a helpful reminder that the […]
  24. This Week in Web Videos: ‘36 Questions’As I choke back vomit, recovering from the tenth of fifteen holiday parties, it occurs to me that this time of year really is about […]
  25. Bring Out the Girls with This Animated Don DiMello ‘Comedy Bang Bang’ ClipRight in time for the holidays, Reddit user geewhizpro created an animated clip featuring Andy Daly’s beloved Comedy Bang Bang creep Don […]
  26. Check Out ‘The Comments’ Starring Paul Scheer, Natasha Leggero, Ken […]Comment sections are generally some of the scummiest parts of the internet, and as this new short by Jim and Brian Kehoe called The Comments […]
  27. Jay Pharoah and Michelle Obama Made a Rap Video Together Called ‘Go to […]First Lady Michelle Obama is always open to working with funny people so long as there’s a good cause attached – in the case of Billy Eichner […]
  28. Let Bill Burr Teach You How to Make Delicious Homemade Pie CrustJust in time for the holidays, Bill Burr uploaded a video on YouTube that’s a comprehensive homemade pie crust tutorial, so when you decide to […]
  29. This Week in Web Videos: ‘F the Internet’How refreshing it was to stumble across the YouTube page of a one Elizabeth Zephyrine McDonough. Led there by her F the Internet, and made to […]
  30. This Week in Web Videos: ‘Too Full To Fuck’Each year, the holidays bring with them a few constants: forced conversation, racist uncles, and a smattering of infectious parody songs. As […]
  31. This Week in Web Videos: ‘First Person to Run a Marathon Without Talking […]Fall is upon is again and that means a deluge of video submissions about Pumpkin Spice Lattes and only Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Here’s the thing […]
  32. This Week in Web Videos: ‘Breakdowns’Breakdowns  is the kind of series that fucks with you. On a good day, it’s inspiring. Original, funny performances by creators and stars Evan […]
  33. Three Web Videos You Should Watch Right NowWhat’s that? You want to be told what to watch on the Internet? No? You already know what you like to watch, and you think I should maybe GFM […]
  34. Things Aren’t Going So Well for Key, Peele, and 2 Chainz’s Scottsdale […]Back in July, JASH uploaded a video all about Keegan-Michael Key, Jordan Peele, and 2 Chainz’s Scottsdale bargain wedding band Absorption, but […]
  35. This Week in Web Videos: ‘I Hate Being Single,’ Season 2When malcontentedness permeates you so viscerally that it informs the way you see the world and your place in it, the healthiest thing left to […]
  36. OshKosh B’gosh Wants YouTube to Remove This Commercial Parody Because It’s […]OshKosh B’gosh just declared war against two New York-based comedians over the dignity of their brand. Last week, Three Busy Debras’ Sandy […]
  37. The Second Season of Comedy Central’s ‘New Timers’ Is Out NowGood Cop Great Cop, the sketch group described by one YouTube commenter as “the Jewish version” of Key and Peele, returns to the digital […]
  38. This Week in Web Videos: ‘Taking the Stairs Like a Pro’Comedy is about committing to a very specific funny dimension, or nugget, in an idea and sticking with it. Insanity be damned, it’s about […]
  39. This Week in Web Videos: ‘Jealous Dad’The name Matt Evans needs to be recognized by a whole lot more people. This October, after a career full of Christopher Guest-ian digital […]
  40. This Week in Web Videos: ‘Trying’ Comedians aren’t usually great at relationships. We’re hyper-introspective, natural loners who live in a perpetual state of mild discontent. […]
  41. The Quiet Rise of Good Cop Great CopThe fifth episode of New Timers’ second season almost didn’t exist. It was the sixth day of a six-day shoot in one of the hotter weeks of […]
  42. This Week in Web Videos: ‘Dunkin’ “Here comes another one.” That’s what I’d say if I were the Notorious B.I.G. Alas, I’m not. Still, here another top-tier contribution does […]
  43. Inside the Minds of Internet Comedy Video ExecutivesLast weekend, standup comedy luminaries from around the world assembled in Montreal to showcase their talents and make obligatory jokes about […]
  44. This Week in Web Videos: ‘Womyn Inc.’As a straight White male, I don’t have any idea about a lot of things. Especially not discrimination. Over the years, I’ve realized none of my […]
  45. Key, Peele, and 2 Chainz Teamed Up to Form Absorption, the Ultimate […]Here’s a brand new video from JASH featuring Keegan-Michael Key, Jordan Peele, and 2 Chainz in a hilarious ad for Phoenix’s hottest new local […]
  46. This Week in Web Videos: ‘Hart Street Lemonade Stand’I want to call Hart Street Lemonade Stand (HSLS) the funniest thing since Stella, and that’s untrue. There’s been so much other funny stuff […]
  47. Help Rob Huebel Keep Water Clean So Teenage Boys Can Learn About […]Funny or Die recently teamed up with the Waterkeeper Alliance to promote clean water conservation, and in the latest video Rob Huebel opens up […]
  48. This Week in Web Videos: ‘Put a Ring on It’This one goes out to all ya’ll whose Facebook feeds are flooded with engagement announcements. It just don’t have to be that way. Love is a […]
  49. Margaret Cho Dares to Imagine a World Where Women Run HollywoodHere’s a brand new video from Funny or Die starring the wonderful Margaret Cho, who meets with a group of notably non-dude writers in a lovely […]
  50. Watch James Adomian Prove That Bernie Sanders Isn’t Always BoringWhen it comes to making fun of political candidates on Funny or Die, James Adomian is the current MVP. First it was Jesse Ventura, then it was […]
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