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  1. Watch Vic Berger’s Terrifying New Video ‘American Horror Story: Trump’s […]Since the start of the presidential election season, Vic Berger has made a name for himself through his amazing video edits, and his latest […]
  2. Josh Ruben Should Be a Snapchat Superstar A couple of months back, our very own Daniel Hurwitz compiled a spot on list of nine comedians worth following on Snapchat. Today, I’d like […]
  3. The Painful Truth of Paul Gale ComedyPaul Gale Comedy hasn’t come out with a new video in over a year, and that’s not surprising. Despite the channel’s grass roots success, PGC’s […]
  4. Go Inside the Life of ‘Ziggy Zoggy Boy’ with This New Short from Dan […]It’s been over a decade since Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla ended their run on Comedy Central’s The Man Show, but thanks to a new short film by […]
  5. Three Ladies Resurrect Bro Humor in 2017We as a collective comedy audience have something of a fascination with watching dudes be idiots. Bumbling, farting, drunk or high on their own […]
  6. The Simple Joys of Kate Berlant and John Early’s Video, ‘Paris’2016 was a very, very bad year no matter how you slice it. In tough times, comedy is often a form of escape that people turn to when they need […]
  7. Rhea and Cameron Meet Tegan and Sara in Seeso’s ‘Take My Wife’ Holiday […]Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher’s Seeso comedy Take My Wife has already been renewed for a second season, and until that new season comes […]
  8. This ‘We’re Trying’ Sketch is a Lesson in HeighteningBy the end of We’re Trying, I was laughing out loud, and that was for a couple of reasons. First, the jokes were just funny. Throughout. This […]
  9. This Short Could Be a ShowIn the world of television and digital show pitches, the term “proof of concept” is thrown around a lot. Basically, that’s a three-minute video […]
  10. Conner O’Malley and Carmen Christopher’s Wrigleyville Bros Celebrate the […]It’s been a while since we last heard from Conner O’Malley and Carmen Christopher’s diehard Wrigleyville Cubs fans, but today they released a […]
  11. A Timeless, if Not Timely, ParodyI thought that, collectively, most of the world had move passed quoting American Psycho unironically. But yet again, as with Trump and Brexit, […]
  12. This ‘She Took Everything’ Sketch Actually Gives a LotThe tagline of “She Took Everything” is “Breaking up is hard…especially when you’re left with nothing,” but we, as viewers, are left with […]
  13. Mike Antonucci Can Help Us All Recover It’s been a rough road this last 18 months and, no matter who you voted for, you’re probably feeling more than a little tapped. If you’re […]
  14. Ginny Leise Has a Message for Douchebags EverywhereWhen I was eight, my mom – a very pretty lady, yeah, so? – took me to a fair, and one of the dudes at the Pop-a-Balloon dart scam called out […]
  15. Arthur Meyer’s ‘Subway Idiot’ Is Back Just in Time for HalloweenHalloween weekend has begun in New York City, which means the subway is about to get packed with tons of drunk people wearing their Ken Bone […]
  16. The Girls with Brown Hair Challenge Everything We Thought We Knew About […]Girls with Brown Hair, Sam Reece and Becky Chicoine, are at it again with a tampon video that’s perfect. Now, I realize we’ve said that before, […]
  17. The Cathartic Power of Coker and Stratton’s ‘Trump Bros’ Comedy duo James Coker and Marshall Stratton are real good at making fun of rich people and, in this hopefully soon-to-be-squashed Age of […]
  18. Watch the ‘Relatable Breakup Song’ Video for More Than 30 SecondsGod, the harmonies in this thing are grating. Rachel Wenitsky and Ned Riseley have good voices but, in constant tandem, they’re not something […]
  19. The Spirit of Leslie Nielsen is Alive and Well in ‘The Gumshoe Diaries’The Naked Gun movies are the kind of classics that make one say to oneself, “Yes. This is hilarious, but would it still be funny if it were […]
  20. Hillary Clinton Joins Zach Galifianakis for a New Episode of ‘Between Two […]Rejoice, Between Two Ferns fans, because this morning Funny or Die uploaded a brand new installment of the series featuring none other than […]
  21. ‘Tond’ Combines Joke-Forward Sensibilities with a Coen Brothers Feel To watch Tond is to learn that filmmakers Kelly Hudson, Josh Ruben, and Vince Peone really dig the kind meticulous understatement made famous […]
  22. Conan O’Brien Wastes Milk in a ‘ClickHole’ Video and It’s Absolutely […]Two comedy worlds just collided, and as ClickHole would put it, it’s absolutely beautiful. ClickHole’s latest video, titled “Absolutely […]
  23. Conner O’Malley Heads to Syracuse to Vape His Problems AwayHere’s a new web video from Late Night with Seth Meyers writer Conner O’Malley, where he heads to a vape convention in Syracuse, New York […]
  24. Blake Rosier Might Have Perfect Timing Writing and directing can suck. Not just because it’s hard to get consistent work, or because once you start getting consistent work, the […]
  25. The Cast of ‘Don’t Think Twice’ Just Made the Most Viral Video EverFunny or Die recently teamed up with Mike Birbiglia and the cast of his new film Don’t Think Twice to make a video promoting the movie, but […]
  26. Ariella Segal Is Redefining the One-Woman ShowOne-person shows are usually characterized by a string of character pieces, appreciated (or bemoaned) by a collection of live humans who must […]
  27. Check Out ‘The Onion’s New Web Series, ‘Sportology’The Onion has just unveiled its newest web series, a four-part look at the world of athletics called Sportology. Here’s the synopsis:The […]
  28. Jim Gaffigan Joins Mike O’Brien in a New ‘7 Minutes in Heaven’We’ve been blessed with another very special episode of Mike O’Brien’s 7 Minutes in Heaven! In this edition, skin care advocate Jim Gaffigan […]
  29. UCB Comedy Travels Through Time to Review the Year 2016It’s “2016 Week” at UCB Comedy, a high-concept takeover by something called Stream H, “the premiere history channel of the 33rd century.” […]
  30. Shocking Look Inside the RNC’s Secret Flea MarketXavier Rotnofsky is literally the only person who knows about the RNC’s (before now) secret flea market, run during convention time, and he […]
  31. Funny or Die Just Laid Off 37 People Some sad news out of LA today: Funny or Die just laid off 30% of their staff, a total of 37 people, in a restructuring that new CEO Mike […]
  32. Don’t Watch This Video, But Listen CloseWhen you hear the disembodied voice of Will Hines at the top of a sketch, you might think “Man, he’s definitely got something in store for us. […]
  33. Genre Queens: Learning Lessons From Betsy Kenney and Dara Katz It’s been a year since we discovered writing duo Betsy Kenney and Dara Katz’s 80s action spoof, Bounty Hunters, a super low budget series […]
  34. Conner O’Malley Heads to a Police Convention in Atlantic City, the […]Just in time for the Republican convention next week, Conner O’Malley released a new video today as Donald Trump superfan Mark Seevers, who […]
  35. John Cena Finds His Confidence with Some Help from Life Coach Leslie JonesBetween writing and performing on SNL and starring in the new Ghostbusters movie, Leslie Jones is an extremely busy woman these days, but […]
  36. How to Go Head-to-Head with Fred ArmisenAna Lucia Fabrega can match Fred Armisen’s infectiously low, deadpan energy. Very few people can do that and not seem like they’re trying […]
  37. Hey Hollywood, You Should Know About Michaela Myers Written and produced by Andra Whipple and Lauren Davis, and directed by Hannah Bowens, Under the Table  follows three down-on-their-luck […]
  38. This Week’s Feature Is Why I Write This Column Connor Gorman’s story’s cool for a couple reasons. First, he’s been a loyal reader of the column for years. That alone makes him–and his […]
  39. A Lot Happens When Arthur Meyer Misses the SubwayEarlier this week, Gothamist released a video called “Watch NYers’ Hearts Break As They JUST Miss The Subway Train,” and while it’s a pretty […]
  40. Hire This Man for Your Wedding, ImmediatelyThe third installment in UCB Digital team Frohnson & Frohnson’s six part series #targetdemo, “Wedding Hashtag Designer” is truly something […]
  41. Allow Rob Huebel and Paul Scheer to Interrogate You in 360°It seems only right that Funny or Die would enlist the guys who host a live comedy show on a moving bus for their first-ever virtual reality […]
  42. Conner O’Malley, the New King of WeirdAt a time when late night shows strive to be either the most incisive source for political coverage or YouTube’s next viral megahit, it’s nice […]
  43. Three Good Videos You Absolutely Haven’t Seen Isn’t the Internet a funny place? Sorry, let me be more clear. What I mean to ask is, isn’t it funny that, on the Internet, there lurks a […]
  44. Johnny Carson Is Back Thanks to Conner O’Malley’s ‘2Nite Show Starring […]If you’re a fan of Late Night with Seth Meyers writer Conner O’Malley’s many web videos where he takes on roles like Trump supporters, […]
  45. I’m Very Sad I’m Seeing This Two Years LateWith nary 1,500 views, it’s not hard to understand how I missed Chuck Armstrong and Charlie Stockman’s Jaguar. Two long years after its debut, […]
  46. My Favorite Genre Parody Sketch (Right Now)A few weeks ago, I covered iO sketch group Redford in all of their glory. This week, I’m back to celebrate Redford, even though I really don’t […]
  47. The One Thing Men Are Always Thinking AboutNo, despite its title, this is not a Cosmo article mistakenly published on Splitsider. It’s a funny sketch by House of Solitude’s Caitlin S. […]
  48. Conner O’Malley Heads to a Donald Trump Protest and Bernie Sanders RallyNobody has covered Donald Trump’s presidential campaign with the same level of passion and commitment as Conner O’Malley AKA Mark Seevers. […]
  49. Is This the Best Character Piece on YouTube?In a content-ravenous ecosystem where YouTube home pages everywhere are flooded with hacky celebrity impressions and lazy bits (“This is my […]
  50. Conner O’Malley and Carmen Christopher Play Wrigleyville Bros Mark and MattTo celebrate opening day for the Chicago Cubs, Conner O’Malley teamed up with Carmen Christopher to make a brand new video where the two […]
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