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Weight Loss

  1. misogyny
    Gabourey Sidibe: ‘Don’t Congratulate Me’ for Losing Weight“Mind your own body.”
  2. movies
    A History of Everyone Freaking Out Over Renée Zellweger’s FaceToo fat, too skinny, too Botoxed since 2003.
  3. weight loss
    Biggest Loser Denies Weight-Loss Drug Use Claims“Contestants are told at the start of the show that there is zero tolerance for any weight-loss drugs.”
  4. the biggest loser
    Study: Biggest Loser-Style Weight Loss FailsNearly all the contestants on season 8 of the program struggled to keep off the weight in the long term.
  5. star wars
    Star Wars Is Still Pressuring Carrie Fisher to Lose Weight“They don’t want to hire all of me — only about three-quarters!”
  6. weight loss
    Matthew McConaughey Heard How Much You Dig His BodAnd made a wild change.
  7. mariah carey
    See Mariah Carey’s Jenny Craig AdKirstie Alley, Jason Alexander, and now Mariah Carey? Jenny Craig’s become quite the famehound.
  8. clickables
    See Another Alarming Photo of 50 Cent’s Movie-Related Weight LossStill not a good look.
  9. weight loss
    Celebrity Weight-Loss Trend Finally Hits the Houston Rap ScenePaul Wall lost a bunch of weight.
  10. solidarity
    Labor Dispute Temporarily Shuts Down The Biggest LoserNope, it wasn’t because of the borderline inhumane conditions faced by the contestants.