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  1. When Johnny Carson Just Didn’t Know What to Make of Weird AlThe Paley Center for Media, which has locations in both New York and LA, dedicates itself to the preservation of television and radio history. […]
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    Guess the Parodies From Weird Al’s Mandatory Fun Track ListHe released the names today.
  3. Behold the Full Track List for Weird Al’s ‘Mandatory Fun’Ahead of the release of his new album Mandatory Fun next Tuesday, Weird Al recently unveiled the full track list online so fans can start […]
  4. ‘Weird Al’ Will Release Eight Music Videos Over Eight Days“Weird Al” Yankovic announced via Twitter that he shot eight music videos for his upcoming album and that, in a couple weeks, he’s going to […]
  5. Weird Al’s New Album ‘Mandatory Fun’ Out July 15th“Weird Al” Yankovic’s 13th album, entitled Mandatory Fun, is set to come out on July 15th. There are few details about the album, his first […]
  6. Patton Oswalt, Tom Lennon, Weird Al, and More Visit Eddie Pepitone for ‘A […] Here’s the new Christmas episode of Matt Oswalt and Eddie Pepitone’s web series, Puddin’, featuring the return of guests like Patton Oswalt, […]
  7. Fred Armisen, Weird Al, and Tom Lennon Visit Natasha Leggero’s Hot Tub Natasha Leggero is continuing to get impressive guests for her web series, Tubbin’ with Tash. In previous weeks, she’s been joined by Sarah […]
  8. ‘Comedy Bang! Bang!’ Has the Most Amazingly Star-Studded Crew Comedy Bang! Bang! returns again next week with the second half of its season, and host Scott Aukerman thought it was about time we got to […]
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    Rosen: The Lonely Island Lead the Pop-Parody BoomA decade ago, who’d have guessed that three dorked-out comedians could command a guest list worthy of a Jay-Z record?
  10. Watch Huey Lewis and Weird Al Recreate ‘American Psycho’ for Funny or Die Here’s Huey Lewis and Weird Al reenacting the Huey Lewis and the News scene from the movie American Psycho in a new video for Funny or Die, […]
  11. Weird Al Reveals the Secrets of Comedy“Many parodists and satirists go for the jugular, but I’ve always gone for humor that was a little less biting and derogatory. I like to say […]
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    Weird Al Is Suing Sony Music Entertainment For $5 million. 
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    From Weird Al to Beavis to Undressed: A History Lesson on MTV’s Scripted ShowsWhat, you forgot ‘Sifl & Olly’ and ‘The Young Ones’? What have Snooki and Co. done to you?
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    Hear the Roots and Weird Al Yankovic Cover MadvillainHappy 1.6 million followers, Questlove!
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    Diddy’s Tracks Worth More Than AssPlus: Weird Al almost finished with next masterpiece.
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    10 Landmark Videos of White Comedy RapHow We Got from Rappin’ Rodney to “Lazy Sunday”
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    Is That Weird Al Yankovic in Hanson’s New Music Video?Yes, and the song is called “Thinkin’ Bout Something.”
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    Watch the Trailer for Weird: The Al Yankovic Story“I’ve know he’s weird… I think I’ve always known.”
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    See Weird Al’s Sex TapeGuess the world of music-video spoofs has lost its luster.
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    Finally: Weird Al to Make Another MovieHe’s writing and directing, but the movie’s protagonist will “most likely be teenage.”
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    At Last, Weird Al Addresses Charles Nelson Reilly and the White Stripes in the Same SongNow this is (slightly) more like it.
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    Is Weird Al in a Parody Slump?Or is popular music the problem?
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    Tinted Windows’ Taylor Hanson on the One Collaboration Stranger Than Tinted Windows“It’s actually a song inspired by seeing Brian Wilson once when Weird Al and I got together with our kids and saw him wandering in a park.”
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    Weird Al Finally Weighs In on Craigslist, the DoorsMusic’s preeminent song parodist, “Weird Al” Yankovic, returns this morning with a new single and video, and, we’ll be honest, we’re a little disappointed.
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    ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic’s Genius Now Available in 140-Character InstallmentsWe figured you should probably know about this.
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    New Weird Al Single Finally AvailableAnd it’s awesome!
  27. tragedy
    Outrage: New Weird Al Single Delayed by iTunes GlitchPredictably, Apple’s stock price has plummeted nine points since the opening bell.
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    Confirmed: Weird Al to Have His Way With T.I.On his blog, Weird Al Yankovic has confirmed that his new single will be a parody of T.I.’s ‘Whatever You Like.’
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    What Will Weird Al’s New Single Be?Says Al: ‘It’s a parody of a song that very recently was (or perhaps still is) the number one song in the country.’
  30. politics
    Which Other ‘Weird Al’ Song Parodies Were Written Under Record-Company Pressure?”Girls Just Wanna Have Lunch’ was parody done under duress.’
  31. apropos of nothing
    Is ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic America’s Greatest Living Patriot? Yes, Say SomeWe’ve long been champions of “Weird Al” as an artist, but, until now, we never really considered his greater impact as an American patriot.
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    Frequently Bankrupt Real-Estate Tycoon Working on Intellectually Bankrupt TV SeriesPlus news about Radiohead and ABC!
  33. the take
    Irrelevant Institution Announces Nominations For Meaningless HonorWho will make it into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? We don’t care!
  34. last night's gig
    ‘Weird Al’: Still Great!Yep, he played “Eat It.” “Amish Paradise” too.
  35. tube junkie
    Merv Griffin Dies at 82Entertainment legend Merv Griffin died yesterday at the age of 82.