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Welcome To New York

  1. ‘Welcome to New York’: Jim Gaffigan’s First Attempt at a Jim Gaffigan ShowThe Jim Gaffigan Show has been airing this summer and has been going strong. Just as Louie and Maron have, it takes a comedian’s voice and his […]
  2. Taylor Swift Superfan Ryan Adams Is Recording a 1989 Cover Album“Badass tunes, Taylor.”
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    Movie Review: Welcome to New YorkI’m not the world’s biggest Abel Ferrara fan, but even I must admit that he seems like the ideal person to take on the Dominique Strauss-Kahn case.
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    Taylor Swift Knows You Didn’t Like ‘Welcome to New York,’ Doesn’t CareTo make the song relatable to everyone, she says, would have been “asking a little much of a piece of a music.”
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    Take a Walking Tour of Taylor Swift’s New York CityExploring every corner of NYC, from Soho to Tribeca.
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    Taylor Swift Really, Really Loves New York CityWe get it, Tay.
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    Some Snap Judgments on Taylor Swift’s 1989What you haven’t heard just yet is sounding a lot better than what you have.
  8. Hear Taylor Swift’s ‘Welcome to New York’ [Updated]“It’s been waiting for you.”