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Wendy Williams

  1. seeing double
    Wendy Williams Meeting Her Wax Figure Is Better Than Twin Peaks“You’ve got the rounds of my breasts.”
  2. internet studies
    25 Edits That Define the Modern Internet VideoAnd create the vocabulary for an absurd, ingenious art form.
  3. quar goss
    Wendy Williams Spills the Tea About Hooking Up With Method Man“He’ll deny it, maybe not.”
  4. trailer mix
    Say ‘How You Doin’?’ to the First Trailer for Wendy Williams: The MovieFinally, a Lifetime biopic about a native New Yorker.
  5. we’re in a simulation
    Wendy Williams’s Lips Are No Longer Sealed After Boot From The Masked SingerThe removal of Williams’s glittery Lips required the assistance of several crew members.
  6. oop
    NeNe Leakes, Newly Free From Bravo, Calls Andy Cohen ‘Racist’ on TwitterAnd has a few more choice words for Wendy Williams.
  7. punching down
    Wendy Williams Mocks Amie Harwick Death Days After Saying ‘I Will Do Better’What’s poorer than poor taste?
  8. apologies
    Wendy Williams Apologizes for Homophobic, Transphobic Comments She Made on Show“If you know me long enough, then you know: bon vivant. I don’t even know what that means, but it sounds fabulous.”
  9. daytime tv
    Wendy Williams Takes Extended Break From Talk Show to Work on ‘Well-Being’A statement from her family says the host is reportedly experiencing complications from Graves’ disease.
  10. where’s the beef?
    Drake’s Dad Went Ballistic on Wendy Williams Over Her Pusha-T CommentaryEveryone’s got a diss for everyone!
  11. vulture festival 2018
    Wendy Williams on Kanye West: ‘He’s Not Well’“As long as I’m here and you’re listening, I will tell you I feel very, very bad for Kanye West.”
  12. roll clip!
    Rita Moreno Says Elvis Was Nowhere Near As Good As Marlon Brando in Bed“That’s like comparing a 2-year-old and the king!”
  13. politics
    Wendy Williams Knows Where You Can Go If You Think Michelle Wolf Went Too FarOkay, but what does Rachel Ray have to say about all this?
  14. Cynthia Nixon Takes Her Run for New York Governor to The Wendy Williams ShowThe quickest way to let the citizens of the Empire State how she’s doin’.
  15. living lohan
    Lindsay Lohan Is Stalking Lorne Michaels About Mean Girls 2Live every day like it’s October 3rd.
  16. fainting
    Daytime Queen Wendy Williams Fainted Live on Air Then Returned Minutes Later“I’m a champ, and I’m back.”
  17. RuPaul’s Drag Race Queens Call Out Wendy Williams for Transphobia, HomophobiaSome former contestants hope Williams will sashay away from the show’s live show as soon as possible.
  18. the industry
    Wendy Williams Will Be on TV at Least Until Kanye Is PresidentHow you doin’?
  19. lifetime movies
    Where Lifetime Went Wrong With the Aaliyah MovieNo one was happy.
  20. wendy eats crow
    Wendy Williams Lost a Bet, Literally Ate CrowShe said she’d “eat a crow” if Kimye lasted longer than Kim K.’s last marriage.
  21. big ang
    Watch Big Ang and Wendy Williams Recreate Thelma And LouiseWait, there’s two Mrs. Potato Heads?
  22. Hear the Letter That Oprah Wrote to Wendy WilliamsThe P.S. is the best part.
  23. clickables
    Watch Jersey Shore’s Vinny Describe Sex With Snooki in the Weirdest Way Possible“Did you ever have sex with a meatball?” he asks Wendy Williams.
  24. clickables
    David Archuleta Makes Wonderful Mistake on Wendy Williams“Who’s that other girl?”
  25. the industry
    Ray Romano and Scott Bakula to Bro OutPlus: a long-awaited, R-rated take on the body-switching genre.