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  1. movie review
    Wolfwalkers Will Charm You. Wolfwalkers Will Save You.Prepare to be astonished by this animated film from Ireland.
  2. last night on late night
    Saturday Night Live Brings You Werewolf Choreographers: Spooky. Scary.Boys becoming men, men becoming Earth, Wind & Fire back-up dancers.
  3. lindsay lohan
    How Lindsay Lohan Came to Star in a V.O.D. Werewolf Movie“We had no problem with her whatsoever. When she walked onto the set people would just kind of stop and realize, ‘Wow, Lindsay’s on set!’”
  4. movies
    What Kind of Werewolf Does Chance the Rapper Play in Slice?Chance the Rapper makes his acting debut as a werewolf in Slice. But what kind? The movie’s characters keep asking the question. We tried to answer.
  5. like father like son
    Max Landis Remaking American Werewolf in LondonJohn Landis’s 1981 horror film is getting an update.
  6. sequential art
    Comics Star Si Spurrier on War, Myth, Cry Havoc“Things I write are always at risk of becoming overly dense and complicated. And because I’m me, I will always lean in to that because I think comics should be challenging.”
  7. the industry
    George R.R. Martin Novella to Be Adapted for CinemaxThe werewolf novella predates his Song of Ice and Fire series.
  8. slightly less sexy than twilight
    How Gross Is Hemlock Grove’s Werewolf Change?These eye-popping, back-splitting GIFs make a case for MVP status.
  9. werewolf bar mitzvah
    Famke Jannsen Will Star in Eli Roth’s Netflix ShowWerewolves, monsters, Pennsylvania.
  10. trailer mix
    Red Riding Hood Trailer: The Dangers of Lusting for WerewolvesThey’ll kiss you by day, eat your grandmother by night.
  11. the industry
    Joshua Jackson to Protect Earth from Organ-Harvesting AliensPlus: Chris Weitz! Werewolves! Cooking!
  12. vampires
    New Moon Director Chris Weitz Pouts As Barrage of Negative Reviews Rolls InRoger Ebert says that “Sitting through this experience is like driving a pickup in low gear though a sullen sea of Brylcreem.”
  13. werewolves
    New Moon Director Promises That Werewolf CGI Isn’t As Crappy As It Seems“We’re still tweaking them to the last possible day,” explains Chris Weitz.
  14. beef
    Gentlemen Broncos Director Jared Hess Disses Crappy New Moon CGIHis CGI budget was a fraction of that of ‘New Moon.’ Or was it?
  15. trailer mix
    The Wolfman Trailer: Rick Baker’s Back!The “look of the film’s lead lupine” is not a problem this time.
  16. restless leg syndrome
    Taylor Lautner’s Restless Legs Are Even More Powerful Than Previously ImaginedWild bounds! Karate kicks! Spontaneous backflips!
  17. restless leg syndrome
    Does the Twilight 2 Poster Deliberately Hide Taylor Lautner’s Restless Leg Syndrome?It would certainly seem so!
  18. mall cops
    Mall Cops vs. Werewolves: Who Will Rule 2009?We figured it’d be werewolves, but that was before ‘Paul Blart: Mall Cop’ inexplicably made $39 million.
  19. werewolves
    New York ‘Post’ Jumps on Werewolf BandwagonTheir cover story this morning is the inspiring one of Pruthviraj Patil, an 11-year-old boy from Mumbai suffering from ‘werewolf syndrome.’
  20. werewolves
    Are Werewolves the New Vampires?Yes.