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  1. fake news
    Werner Herzog Explains This ScreenshotYears after his documentary — er, mockumentary? — about Loch Ness, we revisit how an outtake from the film took on a life of its own.
  2. movie review
    Disney’s Jungle Cruise Is MurderAnd not in the good way.
  3. tiff 2020
    TIFF Announces 2020 Lineup: Regina King’s Directorial Debut, Spike Lee, and MoreThe festival will take place September 10–19 with 50 features.
  4. hard same
    Werner Herzog Wept When He Saw Baby Yoda on the Mandalorian Set“It’s heartbreakingly beautiful.”
  5. the mandalorian
    Werner Herzog to Jon Favreau: Sorry to This Man“I do not know what other films he has made.” “You don’t?” “No.”
  6. that don’t impress me much
    Werner Herzog Has Heard Paul F. Tompkins’s Impression of Him and He Has Notes“That’s good stuff.”
  7. movie review
    Werner Herzog Brings a Soviet Leader to Tears in Meeting GorbachevSometimes, a history lesson works better when it’s a little ragged and personal.
  8. casting
    Werner Herzog Joins the Star Wars UniverseHe’s headed to The Mandalorian.
  9. A Gray State Is a Gripping, Almost Unbearably Dark WatchThe Werner Herzog–produced doc investigates the destructive power of conspiracy, violence, and Hollywood mythmaking.
  10. The 25 Best Man Versus Nature MoviesIn honor of The Mountain Between Us, we look at the best films in which people attempt (and usually fail) to defeat Mother Earth.
  11. last night on late night
    Stephen Colbert Wants You to Consider Werner Herzog for the Next Star Wars Movie“In a galaxy far, far away — as far away as a mother’s affectionate glance or the cold touch of your sobbing lover.”
  12. celebrity politics
    Werner Herzog Sees Donald Trump With a ‘Great, Strange Fascination’The German director is fascinated by Trump’s ability to get away with everything.
  13. chat room
    Werner Herzog Tackles Volcanoes, Talks Trump“A few days later we learned that there was a more massive eruption that killed at least seven people who were exactly where we were with our camera.”
  14. trailer mix
    Watch Werner Herzog’s Volcano Doc TrailerComing to Netflix October 28.
  15. trailer mix
    Watch Werner Herzog’s Salt and Fire TrailerWhich one is salt and which is fire, though?
  16. On Peter Sarsgaard’s Magnificent Seven VillainThe actor gives a weird, risky performance in an otherwise straight movie.
  17. Werner Herzog Thinks Most Film School, Like Life Itself, Is UselessJust learn how to forge some documents.
  18. music videos
    Werner Herzog Is in Awe of the Beauty and Wonder of Kanye’s ‘Famous’ VideoHe doesn’t see anything erotic about it.
  19. documentaries
    Netflix Unveils Amanda Knox, Werner Herzog DocumentariesNetflix knows its audience pretty well.
  20. trailer mix
    See a Trailer for Werner Herzog’s New Robot FilmExploring harmony of mechanical perfection.
  21. sundance 2016
    Sundance Announces 2016 Out-of-Competition SlateThey join new films by Kenneth Lonergan and Werner Herzog.
  22. Book Excerpt: Werner Herzog’s Of Walking in IceThe first chapter of the film auteur’s newly reissued nonfiction classic.
  23. Werner Herzog Is Making a ‘Supervolcano’ MovieCalled Salt and Fire.
  24. guest stars
    Werner Herzog Is Going to Be on Parks and RecToday in wonderful cameo news.
  25. Werner Herzog to Cameo in ‘Parks and Rec,’ Which He’s Never Seen BeforeGerman filmmaker and documentarian Werner Herzog is set to show up next season on Parks and Recreation. During an event at the Brooklyn Academy […]
  26. the vulture transcript
    Werner Herzog on His Unique Career, Clowns, and Getting Punk’d by Mel BrooksA super-long, in-depth discussion with the German director.
  27. The 11 Best ‘Comedy Bang! Bang!’ Characters and ImpersonationsAnd so here we are, the day of the second season premiere of Comedy Bang! Bang!, the television show based on the funny podcast and former live […]
  28. things that are terrible
    Daughter Accuses Late German Actor Klaus Kinski of Sexual Abuse In a new memoir by his adult daughter.
  29. trailer park
    Happy People Trailer: Werner Herzog Makes Snow AngelsGo for the narration; stay for all the images of ice.
  30. movie review
    Edelstein: Jack Reacher Already Feels Like It Belongs to Another EraIt’s painful to see author Lee Childs’s ex-military vigilante embodied by the diminutive Tom Cruise.
  31. new projects
    Werner Herzog Attached to School-Shooting SatireIt will be like the video for “Jeremy” but funny. In a satirical way.
  32. trailer park
    New Jack Reacher Trailer: Tom Cruise vs. Werner Herzog (?)Now with 100 percent more Werner Herzog.
  33. casting
    Robert Pattinson to Play Lawrence of ArabiaIn a film for Werner Herzog!
  34. Watch Werner Herzog Discuss the Stupidity of Chickens“The enormity of their stupidity is overwhelming,” says the director.
  35. Which Documentaries Were Just Snubbed by Oscar?Werner Herzog can’t catch a break.
  36. Watch an Exclusive Clip From Werner Herzog’s Into the AbyssIt’s his new death row documentary. 
  37. casting couch
    Werner Herzog Will Play the Villain in Tom Cruise’s New MovieAmazing.
  38. clickables
    Watch Werner Herzog Completely Baffle Stephen Colbert“I want the audience with me in wild fantasies.”
  39. chat room
    Werner Herzog on His 3-D Cave Doc and Avoiding U.S. Citizenship“I find it difficult to become a citizen of a country that has capital punishment.”
  40. film
    Werner Herzog Thinks All His Films Could Have the Same Title’Gazing Into the Abyss’ is pretty catchy.
  41. exclusive
    Werner Herzog Wants to Crown Naomi Watts Queen of the DesertHerzog’s written a new drama called ‘Queen of the Desert’ and is in serious discussions with Naomi Watts about starring.
  42. trailer mix
    Cave of Forgotten Dreams Trailer: Werner Herzog’s Journey to the Center of the EarthSee the latest clip.
  43. docs
    Herzog’s Cave of Forgotten Dreams to Open DOC NYC Film FestAlso: Errol Morris’s ‘Tabloid.’
  44. chat room
    Werner Herzog: ‘Avatar Makes Me Cringe!’“This kind of New Age sort of thing! I’m allergic against group sessions of yoga.”
  45. movies
    Watch When Werner Rescued Phoenix, a Real-Life Story of Herzog and JoaquinSomeone had the presence of mind to add hand-drawn animations to the already familiar story.
  46. movies
    See The Majestic Plastic Bag, a Short Nature MockumentaryThe second-best film about an anthropomorphized shopping vessel to come out this year.
  47. books
    Werner Herzog Reads Where’s Waldo? to Children“A man unstuck from place and time, he travels alone on foot.”
  48. quote machine
    Coldplay Owes Career to Michael Stipe Pants TipPlus: Werner Herzog making the ‘Avatar’ of cave movies.
  49. movies
    Werner Herzog Gives Voice to a Plastic Bag in Plastic BagA discarded plastic bag “ventures through the environmentally barren remains of America.”
  50. books
    Werner Herzog Reads Madeleine“In truth, children are next door to sociopaths.”
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