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  1. rankings
    Every Member of the American Horror Story Ensemble, RankedWho’s the best actor in Ryan Murphy’s horror anthology?
  2. chat room
    Wes Bentley on Why American Horror Story Gets Addiction Right“I know it’s really challenging for people to watch that, but in my experience, that’s what it feels like.”
  3. chat room
    Wes Bentley on Terence Malick’s Next Film“I can’t talk too much about it mostly because I don’t know what the story has been cut into.”
  4. casting
    Christopher Nolan Adds Wes Bentley to InterstellarAlongside Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway.
  5. casting couch
    Wes Bentley Cast in Ryan Murphy’s HBO ShowThe one about all the forms of human sexuality.
  6. chat room
    Wes Bentley on The Hunger Games and His Careful Comeback“When I got all the attention, I didn’t know what to do. I just cared about partying.”
  7. the hunger games
    See Seneca Crane’s Beard on Other People and ThingsWes Bentley’s return comes with a beard!
  8. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Radcliffe, RaimiPlus: ‘Borat’ director teams with Jim Carrey on ‘Pierre Pierre.’
  9. the industry
    Shrinking Violet Kim Cattrall Finds Another Restrained Character to PlayPlus: McPheever heads to the movies, again! And Rob Marshall ditches his agency.
  10. the industry
    Middle-earth Welcomes a New Jolly, Bearded DirectorPlus: Ewan McGregor joins ‘Angels & Demons,’ J.J. Abrams makes his ‘Superbad,’ and Christian Slater is still playing Jack.