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  1. backstories
    The Writer of Demolition Man on the Predictive Power of His 1993 MovieNo-contact high fives? No more toilet paper? Screenwriter Daniel Waters talks about the accidental COVID-era relevance of his action comedy.
  2. a retrospective
    Forget the Taxes, Wesley Snipes Is a Great ActorIt’s not that he didn’t do enough to be considered an all-time film icon. In fact, he may have done too much.
  3. book deals
    Wesley Snipes Is Writing a Supernatural Novel Called Talon of GodAbout an apocalyptic battle and the spirit warriors who fight the good fight.
  4. luke cage
    Tarantino Explains Luke Cage Film That Never WasThe real reason has to do with bods. Kind of.
  5. fall preview 2015
    Wesley Snipes on The Player, Passing on EmpireEmpire wasn’t the right fit for what I’m trying to do as an artist and as a businessman.”
  6. freedom
    Wesley Snipes Is Out of JailJust in time for tax day.
  7. dream casting
    Producers Want Nicolas Cage for Expendables 3And Clint Eastwood.
  8. the law
    Wesley Snipes Will Now Explain the Hollywood Agent Pimp Complex to YouFrom 2008.
  9. jail
    Wesley Snipes Went to Prison TodayPay your taxes, people.
  10. jail
    Wesley Snipes on Larry King: Extremely Calm, Still Believing in Miracles“We still have prayers out there, Larry. We still believe in miracles. Don’t send me up the river just yet.”
  11. wesley snipes
    Wesley Snipes Won’t Be Home for ChristmasHe begins his three-year jail sentence for tax evasion Thursday.
  12. quote machine
    ‘How Strange’ That Nobody Wants Wesley Snipes for a Blade SequelPlus: Universal to just call everything the “Bourne” something.
  13. movies
    Wesley Snipes is Planning His Own J. Edgar Hoover FilmHe may have said it exactly like that, to judge from his proclivity to refer to himself in the third person.
  14. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Rogen, ElbaPlus: Karl Urban to star in ‘Judge Dredd.’
  15. jailbird
    Wesley Snipes Is Going to JailFor three years, after his appeal was denied.
  16. movies
    That’s Not Wesley SnipesNope.
  17. quote machine
    Matt Damon’s Mustache Is Just a First DraftPlus: Undressing scene in new Miley Cyrus is totally tasteful, Bret Michaels assures us.
  18. quote machine
    Jason Schwartzman, Last-Minute ‘Royal Tenenbaums’ RejectPlus quotes from Wesley Snipes, Tavis Smiley, and Paul McCartney.