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  1. the industry
    Members of Scott Rudin Broadway Productions Freed From NDAsIncluding actors and stage managers on To Kill a Mockingbird and West Side Story.
  2. west side story
    A Timeline of the Allegations Against West Side Story’s Ansel Elgort“I really don’t have anything to do with this conversation,” Rachel Zegler told Elle. “And I’m looking forward to moving past it.”
  3. gold rush
    A Brief History of the Oscars’ Love-Hate Relationship With ShakespeareUntil Spielberg’s West Side Story, no Shakespeare adaptation had broken into Best Picture for 53 years.
  4. awards season
    West Side Story’s Rachel Zegler Is At the Oscars!She made it.
  5. pga awards 2022
    West Side Story Will Be Steven Spielberg’s Last MusicalGee, director Spielberg we’re very upset!
  6. oscar futures
    Did the SAG Awards Just Show Us the Oscar Acting Winners?In the past decade, the guild’s picks lined up exactly with the eventual Oscar winners four times.
  7. oscars 2022
    The Movie-Musical Reality Has Broken for the BetterWhat can we learn from the movie musicals that did and didn’t earn awards-season love this year?
  8. oscar futures
    Oscar Futures: Who’s in the Lead As Voting Begins?With two open spots in Best Picture, Being the Ricardos and Tick, Tick … Boom! got a boost from the PGA. Can they both get in?
  9. oscar futures
    Oscar Futures: Can Power of the Dog Break the Netflix Curse?The road to Best Picture runs through Director and Screenplay, and Jane Campion’s Western has a fair shot at picking up both.
  10. oscar futures
    Oscar Futures: How SAG’s Shocking Snubs Shook Up the RaceIt was a good week for House of Gucci and a very bad one for the house of Spencer.
  11. live from new york it’s…
    Bleachers Replace Roddy Rich on Saturday Night Live 2022 With Ariana DeBoseRoddy Ricch is no longer appearing after someone on his team was exposed to COVID.
  12. oscar futures
    Oscar Futures: Could Nicolas Cage Surprise Us in Best Actor?As the Will Smith buzz cools, the ostensible front-runner has taken a back seat in the conversation.
  13. oscar futures
    Oscar Futures: Can Spider-Man Swing Into the Awards Race?No Way Home’s superpowered box-office could sway the Academy into a more populist stance.
  14. twitter beefs
    Hey, You Guys! Rita Moreno Has Entered the MCU DiscourseHave we learned nothing from Scorsese’s grim fate?
  15. extremely deep dive
    How West Side Story Reset ItselfVulture’s theater desk considers Tony Kushner’s song reordering as a deep reenvisioning that changes the musical’s core qualities.
  16. year in culture 2021
    The Movies Are Gonna Be All RightI gave Spider-Man: No Way Home a lousy review, but even I’m happy to see it doing well. In fact, I’m flat-out optimistic about the future of movies.
  17. oscars 2022
    Dear Evan Hansen, Sandworms Make the Oscars ShortlistThe Academy has released its shortlists for International Feature Film, Original Song, Visual Effects, and more.
  18. chat room
    West Side Story’s Mike Faist Wishes He Got to Sing ‘America’The 29-year-old Broadway veteran speaks about #VanLife, Bruce Davidson photos, and, yes, those John Mulaney comparisons.
  19. vulture lists
    Every Steven Spielberg Movie, RankedFrom Jaws to his latest, West Side Story, see where each of the director’s major works falls.
  20. oscar futures
    Oscar Futures: Is Nicole Kidman the New Best Actress Front-runner?Why Nicole Kidman’s transformative turn as Lucille Ball could earn her trophy No. 2.
  21. movie review
    Do You Like West Side Story? Then You’ll Love West Side Story.Steven Spielberg finally makes his musical. It was (mostly) worth the wait.
  22. chat room
    David Alvarez Had Left Acting — Then West Side Story Came CallingBroadway’s former Billy Elliot was off studying philosophy and didn’t think he’d “ever” perform again.
  23. something good
    There’s a Few Places for Us to Watch, Read, and Listen to West Side StoryNo need to play it cool.
  24. oscar futures
    Oscar Futures: Spielberg’s West Side Story Is Feeling PrettyThe long-delayed remake of the 1962 Best Picture winner couldn’t have asked for a better first week.
  25. transit
    Somewhere in Spielberg’s West Side Story There’s a Singing Role for the SubwayA niche reference for transit and/or music-theory heads.
  26. tributes
    Steven Spielberg Pays Tribute to Stephen Sondheim at West Side Story Premiere“Thank you Steve, for the hat.”
  27. trailer mix
    Officer Krupke, We Just Want to Watch Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story TrailerThese are some hot young lovers.
  28. closings
    Scott Rudin’s West Side Story Revival Won’t Return to BroadwayThe Ivo van Hove–directed revival opened just a month before the pandemic closed theaters.
  29. chat room
    Rita Moreno Talks Bitterness, Anger, and Loving Show Business AnywayAlong the way, the legendary West Side Story actress credits Marlon Brando with getting her into therapy.
  30. coming attractions
    65 Movies We Can’t Wait to See in 2021In fact, we couldn’t wait to see a lot of them last year. But here we still are.
  31. fall movies fantasy league
    Fall Movies Fantasy League Week 4: Release-Date Chaos ReignsThis week, all hell broke loose in the film industry. The culprit was Disney.
  32. the law
    Judge Drops New York City Ballet From Nude Photo LawsuitThe lawsuit began two years ago when ballerina Alexandra Waterbury discovered nude photographs sent without her consent.
  33. [snaps in a circle]
    We Won’t Feel Pretty Until 2021 Because the Coronavirus Delayed West Side StoryDisney also pushed back several other movies, including Black Widow.
  34. fall preview
    39 Movies We’re Excited to See This FallWest Side Story, Dune, Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan in a seaside Romance. Will the movies come through?
  35. last night on late night
    SNL’s LaGuardia Airport Musical Is Another John Mulaney MasterpieceIn the proud tradition of “Diner Lobster” and “Bodega Bathroom,” SNL has pulled out all the stops for a John Mulaney musical extravaganza.
  36. broadway
    Broadway’s West Side Story Stands Behind Star Accused of Sexual MisconductTens of thousands of people have signed a petition calling for Amar Ramasar’s removal.
  37. scene report
    ‘We Stand With Alexandra Waterbury’: Inside a West Side Story ProtestAbout two dozen people showed up on Friday to voice their disapproval over the casting of Amar Ramasar.
  38. fall preview 2019
    Ivo van Hove on Bringing West Side Story to Broadway“It’s an amazing story about contemporary life, about young people who get stuck in a cycle of violence.”
  39. broadway
    The Other West Side Story, the One Coming to Broadway, Has Announced Its CastYou’re on, Spielberg!
  40. first looks
    West Side Story First Look: The Remarkably Well-groomed Gangs Are HereLed by Ansel Elgort’s Tony and Rachel Zegler’s Maria.
  41. casting call
    A Jet! Maddie Ziegler Will Play a West Side Story Jet![Light snapping.]
  42. rita moreno
    Rita Moreno Will Be Watching the West Side Story Rehearsals, So Don’t Mess Up“You know what? Tough darts!”
  43. casting
    Spielberg’s West Side Story Casts High School Student Rachel Zegler As MariaBroadway’s Ariana DeBose will play Anita.
  44. casting
    Obviously They Weren’t Going to Remake West Side Story Without Rita MorenoMoreno will play “Valentina,” a new role in Spielberg’s movie.
  45. casting
    Ansel Elgort Will Play Tony in Spielberg’s West Side StoryTonight, tonight, the baby drives tonight!
  46. broadway
    Brace for Ivo van Hove’s West Side Story on BroadwayHe will work with choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker.
  47. decisions decisions
    Steven Spielberg Finds New Cool Idea: a Leonard Bernstein MovieThe director reportedly held a secret table read of a biopic about the composer.
  48. one more west side story to tell
    Spielberg, Kushner to Remake West Side StoryKushner is working on the script.
  49. who did it best
    Glee vs. YouTube: Who Did ‘Somewhere’ Best?Vote for your favorite version of the ‘West Side Story’ classic.
  50. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Jon Stewart Combines Love of Show Tunes With National DisastersPlus Morgan Freeman talks about penguin ranches, on our regular late-night roundup.
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