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Westworld Season 3

  1. lingering questions
    We Have Questions About That Westworld FinaleSeason three ended with a lot of sound and fury, while leaving a few big open questions for us to ponder during the long wait for season four.
  2. are you real?
    Wait, Who’s a Robot and Who’s Human on Westworld Again?Season three sees battle lines being drawn between synthetic beings and regular humans, so it’s time to brush up on which characters are which.
  3. overnights
    Westworld Season Finale Recap: The New WorldAs Dolores’ war against Rehoboam wraps up, the pieces are already falling into place for the next chapter of this story.
  4. overnights
    Westworld Recap: A Man With a PlanWhile Caleb grapples with some major revelations, Dolores is busy dealing with the big confrontation we’ve been waiting for all season.
  5. lingering questions
    5 Big Questions About This Week’s WestworldA big revelation about Caleb raises some new questions about his role in Dolores’s plan.
  6. overnights
    Westworld Recap: Talking to YourselfThe effects of Dolores’s data release ripple out to William and Maeve, pushing us toward the showdown this season seems to be building toward.
  7. lingering questions
    7 Big Questions About This Week’s WestworldIs William indeed “the good guy” here? And what would that mean for Dolores’s plan?
  8. lingering questions
    8 Big Questions About This Week’s WestworldWhat are we to make of the information in Engerraund Serac’s flashbacks? And would you take Genre, provided you weren’t also running for your life?
  9. lingering questions
    7 Big Questions About This Week’s WestworldWhat about the final pearl? How will William escape? And how does this change what we saw in last season’s epilogue?
  10. lingering questions
    7 Big Questions About This Week’s WestworldWho is inside Charlotte Hale? Who else did Dolores break out of Westworld? And, seriously, where is William??
  11. lingering questions
    6 Big Questions About This Week’s WestworldWhat’s up with this Engerraund Serac guy? Why does he need Maeve now? And exactly when is “now,” anyway?
  12. lingering questions
    10 Big Questions About the Westworld Season PremiereWho (or what) exactly is Caleb? What is Dolores up to? Is any of this even real?? Let’s dive into the maze that is “Parce Domine.”
  13. trailer mix
    Westworld Season Three Trailer Won’t Help You Remember Season TwoThe robot revolution begins March 15.
  14. wish lists
    6 Things We Want From Westworld Season 3Where will HBO’s hit drama go next?
  15. overnights
    Westworld Recap: Choose Your FateLet’s talk about that big twist.