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  1. Does Westworld’s Second Season Kinda Remind You of … Lost?Some of this is starting to feel very, very familiar.
  2. The Best Westworld Fan Theories, Mid-Season EditionChecking in on the status of some of the internet’s most popular hunches, at the midpoint of its second season.
  3. overnights
    Westworld Recap: Death WishWhat is the “true purpose” of a place like Westworld?
  4. behind the scenes
    What It’s Like to Play One of Westworld’s ‘Inhuman’ Drone Hosts“They wanted them completely devoid of emotion and humanity.”
  5. Westworld’s Shannon Woodward Reveals Who Elsie Is Based OnAnd hey, what was Elsie up to since the last time we saw her?
  6. chat room
    Westworld’s Peter Mullan Originally Had a Totally Different RoleAnd he got to watch Jimmi Simpson take notes on Ed Harris.
  7. Our 14 Biggest Questions About This Week’s Westworld“The Riddle of the Sphinx” deepened both of the season’s two key narratives, and then it intertwined them.
  8. ‘Riddle of the Sphinx’ Is the Best Episode of Westworld YetIt’s an example of what the show can be when it leans deep into a few characters rather than spreading itself wide.
  9. elephants
    HBO Defends the Use of Elephants on Westworld After PETA AccusationThe animal-rights organization alleges one of the elephants used on the show can be seen being abused by its handlers in a video.
  10. overnights
    Westworld Recap: One of Us“Virtù e Fortuna” is the pulpiest episode yet.
  11. vulture lists
    Westworld: Our 11 Biggest Questions About ‘Virtù e Fortuna’Where is Peter Abernathy? What’s the deal with the imperial British park? Do hosts exist in the outside world?
  12. Which Westworld Hosts Are Woke? A GuideAnd by “woke,” we mostly mean conscious.
  13. quiz
    Who Monologued It: Dolores From Westworld or June From The Handmaid’s Tale?It’s a lot harder than you might think.
  14. season renewals
    Westworld Will Ride Again in a Third SeasonMore wests! More worlds!
  15. chat room
    Giancarlo Esposito Is in Westworld Because Anthony Hopkins Loves Breaking BadA case of ‘synchronous’ admiration with Anthony Hopkins led to his surprise Westworld cameo.
  16. vulture lists
    Our 13 Biggest Questions About This Week’s WestworldDid Arnold actually bring Dolores to the “real” world?
  17. overnights
    Westworld Recap: A Place Hidden From GodWhat is the “real purpose” behind the park?
  18. It’s Time to Retire Kanye West’s Music From Movie TrailersKanye’s music is so intertwined with who he is, that it’s distracting to hear it like this.
  19. wild speculation
    The Best Westworld Fan Theories About the Season-Two PremiereWhy is Bernard acting so weird?
  20. vulture lists
    Our 16 Biggest Questions About the Westworld Season PremiereLet the bodies hit the … lake.
  21. overnights
    Westworld Season-Premiere Recap: The ReckoningIn season two, Westworld is doubling down on mysteries.
  22. the art of the sequence
    Why Westworld Slightly Reinvented Its Opening Titles for Season TwoDid you notice the inclusion of some semi-extinct grassland animals and tasteful saloon headwear?
  23. Overly Long Episodes Are the Manspreading of TVIt’s time to stop the scourge.
  24. chat room
    Westworld’s Simon Quarterman Thinks Every Actor Should Try Full-Frontal Nudity“I mean, we’ve all got [a body.] It’s very liberating.”
  25. tribeca film festival 2018
    There Will Be Less Nudity in Westworld Season Two“When the hosts get power, they aren’t gonna spend time naked on a stool.”
  26. party chat
    Evan Rachel Wood on Creating Westworld’s ‘Dolores 2.0’“She’s still the Dolores we know and love, but she’s also Wyatt, and she’s also this new thing that she’s creating as herself.”
  27. time's up
    Thandie Newton Says Hollywood’s #TimesUp Movement Didn’t Want Her Participation“I wasn’t hot enough. I wasn’t mainstream enough.”
  28. tribeca 2018
    Jeffrey Wright Says Anthony Hopkins Was the Prime Jokester of the Westworld SetOf course Ford is a ham.
  29. equal pay
    Thandie Newton Will Also Get Equal Pay for Westworld Season 3“It’s unprecedented. It’s — goodness.”
  30. last night on late night
    James Marsden Is Bummed He Has Zero Westworld Sex ScenesFix this, season three.
  31. westworld
    The Westworld Cast Doesn’t Know the Order of the Episodes While Filming“They were filmed in a sequence designed to completely disorient me.”
  32. tribeca film festival 2018
    Of Course Someone Used a Westworld Panel to Pitch Their ScreenplayAfter offering some run-of-the-mill compliments about Westworld, a questioner admitted that he and his brothers were “huge fans of Interstellar.”
  33. How Close Are We To Real-Life Westworld Robots?And how should we treat them when we get them?
  34. last night on late night
    Evan Rachel Wood Turned Down Mean Girls and Is Now Filled With RegretTina Fey, she is ready to make amends.
  35. The 12 Biggest Questions Ahead of Westworld Season TwoDoes Dolores have a plan for her revolution? Will we see the outside world? What is Shogun World?
  36. equal pay
    Evan Rachel Wood Will Receive Equal Pay for Westworld Season 3“I have never been paid the same as my male counterparts … never, never.”
  37. tv review
    Westworld’s Second Season Is Even More MetaMore than in last season, the park’s key staff members stand in for the writers, directors, and producers, and the robots for the show’s cast.
  38. Hypothesis: Season Two Is the Best or Worst Season of Every ShowScandal? The best! Friday Night Lights? The worst!
  39. spoilers
    Westworld Creators Release Video ‘Spoiling’ All of Season TwoA new video reveals star Evan Rachel Wood singing a song that seemingly offers clues as to whether Season Two is going to let you down.
  40. trailer mix
    Westworld Season Two Trailer: Rise of the Very Human MachinesWestworld returns April 22.
  41. Spring TV Preview: Westworld, Barry, and More Shows We Can’t Wait to WatchIt’s a damn good season for television.
  42. trailer mix
    Evan Rachel Wood Is Going to Burn Westworld to the Ground in New Teaser“This world is a lie. This world deserves to die.”
  43. All the Ways The Good Place Has Blown Up Its Own PremiseThe show’s universe keeps melting away and forming all over again.
  44. production delays
    Westworld Production Delayed Due to California WildfiresIs Maeve taking control of the environment?
  45. production delays
    Westworld Production Interrupted by Actor’s Off-Set InjuryOne of two units filming the show’s second season has suspended production.
  46. emmys 2017
    As Promised, Stephen Colbert Bared His Butt in a Westworld-Style CheckupColbert gets the full evaluation from Jeffrey Wright.
  47. Why Thandie Newton Should Win an EmmyHer performance is the most audacious and fun.
  48. Evan Rachel Wood on Her Gritty New Psycho-Thriller and Westworld Season Two“It was one of the most nerve-racking experiences of my life, holding a gun to Anthony Hopkins’s face.”
  49. san diego comic con 2017
    The Women of Westworld Really Love Being on Westworld“Somebody had given me fucking condor wings, and I got to take off and fly!”
  50. westworld
    Return to the Chaos of Westworld With This New Season 2 TeaserThe new season premieres in 2018.
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