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Wga Strike

  1. the take
    Will Leitch on the ‘Office’ Webisodes LaunchSo how are they? And, uh, who’s writing them?
  2. the early-evening news
    Major Cover-up Suspected on ‘American Idol’Plus: Andrew W.K.!
  3. strike zone
    Farewell to Strike News Forever, We HopeSo long to Vulture’s least-beloved category.
  4. strike zone
    Too Cold to Picket: Writers’ Strike Finally Over!The strike is over!
  5. the early-evening news
    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Will Tell You Why Herbie Hancock Deserved That GrammyIf you, like us, were baffled as to why Herbie Hancock deserved the Grammy for Album of the Year, perhaps you should let leading NBA scorer and noted musicologist Kareem Abdul-Jabbar explain it.
  6. strike zone
    So Who Won the Strike?Depends whom you ask!
  7. strike zone
    Vulture’s Poststrike Encyclopedia: When Will My Show Be Back?Constantly updated reports on which of your favorite shows will return this spring, this fall, in 2009, or (gulp) never.
  8. strike zone
    WGA Announces Tentative Deal; Tina Fey Goes Back to WorkIt’s true!
  9. kudos
    Academy President Sid Ganis Asks Oscar Nominees if Maybe They Could, You Know, Show UpThe head of the Oscars wusses out.
  10. strike zone
    Nobody Get Excited; Writers’ Strike Not Quite Over YetDespite any excitement over a possible end to the writers’ strike soon, Writers Guild and AMPTP insiders say “there’s still a possibility this thing could get fucked.”
  11. strike zone
    Is the Writers’ Strike Finally Over?Just as we were finally beginning to accept the reality of a future without scripted television, it seems as though the writers’ strike may actually be nearing an end.
  12. strike zone
    WGA Allows Writers to Work on Grammys; Awards Show to Be No Worse Than UsualThis morning brings news that the Writers Guild has allowed an interim deal for the February 10 Grammy Awards ceremony — not only will the WGA not picket the event, they’ll also allow scribes to work on the show.
  13. strike zone
    WGA Interim Deals Give Boost to Great TV Shows, Crappy Superhero MoviesMad Men and Ant-Man, returning to the screen sooner than expected!
  14. strike zone
    Directors Make Deal; Writers Declare It ‘Neither Reason for Celebration Nor Mourning’So get your party hats out of storage, but don’t put them on yet, is basically what we’re saying.
  15. strike zone
    Could a DGA Deal This Week End the Writers’ Strike?But the news isn’t all smiley faces on placards! Plus, the true victims of the strike: entertainment journalists.
  16. strike zone
    Jay Leno: Scabby Scab or the Scabbiest Scab?Though the newly returned Tonight Show is not allowed to use writers during the ongoing strike, WGA member Jay Leno has been telling monologue jokes he claims to have written himself for the past two nights — but the Writers Guild, like many of us, isn’t laughing.
  17. strike zone
    Letterman Returns With Scribes, Finally Answering the Question: Do Writers Actually Matter?Can Letterman make up his long-standing ratings deficit when he can offer monologues and Top Ten lists while his competitor, presumably, can only offer an hour of Jaywalking?
  18. strike zone
    ‘Daily Show’ and ‘Colbert Report’ to Return! Why Stewart Will Be Okay, But Colbert Is ScrewedSurprise — The Daily Show should still be able to have its correspondents file reports.
  19. the early-evening news
    Bender Lives! And Brews!Plus: So long, People’s Choice Awards.
  20. strike zone
    Letterman Set to Return Thanks to WGA’s Plan to Bypass AMPTPWhy doesn’t everyone do this?
  21. strike zone
    Who’s Updating Creed’s Blog While ‘The Office’ Writers Are on Strike?Is it a show writer crossing picket lines? Were the new posts stockpiled in advance of the strike? If so, why didn’t they stockpile a few more new episodes while they were at it?
  22. strike zone
    Is the End Nigh for the Writers’ Strike?Maybe! But we doubt it.
  23. strike zone
    Are Things Finally Looking Up for Our Picketing Entertainers?Yes!
  24. strike zone
    Strike-News Roundup: Thanksgiving EditionPlus: Broadway strike hurting tourism? Hooray!
  25. strike zone
    Guess the Mystery Scab!Vulture buddy Nikki Finke is reporting that a “high profile TV writer-producer” who is “also a member of another guild” has been accused of “doing rewrites on his currently airing TV series as well as two projects in pre-production, one of which is still on schedule to begin shooting very soon.”
  26. strike zone
    Writers’ Strike Becoming More of a Bummer Every DaySNL’s crew gets laid off, etc.
  27. the early-evening news
    Broadway Producers and Stagehands Talking Again?Plus: T.I.’s new video!
  28. strike zone
    Strike-News Roundup: Can Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminate the Strike?Plus: Who are the first scabs? The answer may surprise you!
  29. strike zone
    Strike-News Roundup: Is This Thing Over Yet?News about Ellen DeGeneres and Jay Leno!