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  1. sexual harassment
    WGA West Survey: 64 Percent of Female Writers Were Sexually Harassed at WorkOnly 11 percent of men reported the same, while many others reported witnessing harassment.
  2. Inside The Onion, ClickHole, and The A.V. Club’s Vote to Unionize“The more publications we can get unionized right now, the better off the whole industry is going to be.”
  3. ‘Veep,’ ‘BoJack Horseman,’ ‘Last Week Tonight,’ and More Win 2018 WGA […]The 2018 Writers Guild Awards were handed out in New York and Los Angeles last night, and when it comes to this year’s comedy nominees, Veep, […]
  4. wga awards
    Lady Bird, Logan Score WGA Nominations; The Post Snubbed“What if this is the best version?”
  5. 2018 WGA Award Nominations Include ‘American Vandal,’ ‘Nathan for You,’ […]The Writers Guild of America announced its list of 2018 WGA Award nominees today, which includes returning series like Nathan for You, Silicon […]
  6. Amber Ruffin to Host the 2018 WGA Awards in New YorkWhile Seth Meyers has signed on to host the 2018 Golden Globes next month, one of his Late Night writers/performers has landed an awards show […]
  7. controversies
    WGA Comes to Stephen Colbert’s Defense Against FCC and #FireColbert ControversyFCC Commissioner Ajit Pai is incurring late night’s wrath.
  8. wga
    Writers Strike Avoided As the WGA Reaches a New Deal With the AMPTPNegotiations went past the midnight deadline, but an agreement was reached.
  9. primers
    Will There Be Another Hollywood Writers’ Strike? Everything We Know So FarThe union has sent a letter to its members calling for a strike-authorization vote.
  10. writers guild
    Writers Guild of America Votes in Favor of Strike AuthorizationThe vote doesn’t guarantee that there will be a strike, but it does give Guild members a bargaining chip for negotiations.
  11. Aaron Sorkin Says That He Is, in Fact, Aware of Hollywood’s Diversity ProblemHe would like you to know that he’s known about Hollywood’s lack of parity before last weekend.
  12. 2017’s WGA Awards Winners Include ‘Atlanta,’ ‘Last Week Tonight,’ and […]The 2017 Writers Guild Awards were handed out over the weekend, and in addition to Donald Glover’s new FX show Atlanta winning two awards for […]
  13. chat room
    WGA Honoree Susannah Grant on What She’s Learned in 20 Years in Hollywood“To learn right out of film school that you can take a scene you think is good and then continue to rewrite it is priceless.”
  14. 2017 WGA Award Nominations Include ‘Atlanta,’ ‘Nathan for You,’ and […]The Writers Guild of America announced its list of 2017 WGA Award nominees today, and among the comedy nominees are some new series, returning […]
  15. wga
    The Americans Showrunners on How Keri Russell Was CastPlus, why Sam Esmail can’t go to sleep these days.
  16. awards
    Writers Guild Award Nominations AnnouncedYes: Looper and The Master. No: Django and Les Miz.
  17. boardwalk empire
    Boardwalk Empire’s Terence Winter Says Paz Could Be Back“As long as you’re not dead on the show, you can always come back.”
  18. Writers Guild Nominations Boost BridesmaidsSteve Zaillian gets two nominations. Diablo Cody and Woody Allen each get one.
  19. kudos
    WGA Awards: ‘King’s Speech’ Not EligibleSorry, ‘The King’s Speech.’
  20. kudos
    Lost Finale May Win an Award YetIt’s been nominated for a Writers Guild Award.
  21. feuds
    Aaron Sorkin’s Four Big Problems With the WGA“I have never had any trouble with a studio, with a network, with a producer, with a director, with a star; I have only ever had trouble with the Writers Guild.”
  22. kudos
    ‘Smartest Man in Television’ Hosting Writers Guild AwardsThat’s Seth MacFarlane, not Alex Trebek.
  23. kudos
    Avatar, The Hangover Among the Hilarious Nominees for Writers Guild AwardsFreakin’ ‘Star Trek,’ for God’s sake!
  24. rules
    Inglourious Basterds, Single Man, and The Road Ineligible for WGA AwardsSome worried about whether Harvey’s decision not to send screeners might hurt the movies chances. Turns out they couldn’t win anyway.
  25. talkshowpocalypse
    Jay Leno Finds Himself in the Somewhat Unusual Position of Being a ScourgeJay views himself as the good guy, but many people are rooting for him to fail.
  26. kudos
    WGA Nod Further Boosts Batman’s Oscar ChancesThe nominations for the Writers Guild awards were announced this afternoon, and they give Batfans one more reason to get their hopes up.
  27. the early-evening news
    George Clooney’s Secret Beef With the WGA Revealed!George Clooney goes financial core over Leatherheads credit, Beyoncé and Jay-Z tie the knot, and Radiohead get their own social-networking site.
  28. strike zone
    Farewell to Strike News Forever, We HopeSo long to Vulture’s least-beloved category.
  29. strike zone
    Too Cold to Picket: Writers’ Strike Finally Over!The strike is over!
  30. strike zone
    WGA Announces Tentative Deal; Tina Fey Goes Back to WorkIt’s true!
  31. strike zone
    Is the Writers’ Strike Pretty Much Over?Yes.
  32. kudos
    Academy President Sid Ganis Asks Oscar Nominees if Maybe They Could, You Know, Show UpThe head of the Oscars wusses out.
  33. strike zone
    Nobody Get Excited; Writers’ Strike Not Quite Over YetDespite any excitement over a possible end to the writers’ strike soon, Writers Guild and AMPTP insiders say “there’s still a possibility this thing could get fucked.”
  34. strike zone
    WGA Interim Deals Give Boost to Great TV Shows, Crappy Superhero MoviesMad Men and Ant-Man, returning to the screen sooner than expected!
  35. strike zone
    WGA Resolution Means Grammys Will Go Ahead As Planned — But There’s Good News Too!The WGA continues to play awards-show hardball, being coy today over whether it will grant a waiver for next month’s Oscar ceremony.
  36. strike zone
    Directors Make Deal; Writers Declare It ‘Neither Reason for Celebration Nor Mourning’So get your party hats out of storage, but don’t put them on yet, is basically what we’re saying.
  37. kudos
    Can the Writers’ Strike Save Us From the Grammys?“What?” you might ask. “I thought the Grammys were a three-hour unscripted mess!”
  38. the early-evening news
    Thinking of Going to See ‘The Little Mermaid’ on Broadway? Don’t!Plus: The Golden Globes go Bushless!
  39. kudos
    Did ‘Juno’ and ‘No Country’ Just Accidentally Win the WGA Awards?A list of nominees on the WGA’s Website might give away the winners.
  40. strike zone
    Letterman Returns With Scribes, Finally Answering the Question: Do Writers Actually Matter?Can Letterman make up his long-standing ratings deficit when he can offer monologues and Top Ten lists while his competitor, presumably, can only offer an hour of Jaywalking?
  41. strike zone
    Writers Guild Rejects Waivers for Awards Shows — Golden Globes to Be Entertaining?Last night in Los Angeles, the Writers Guild denied a waiver that would have allowed the Golden Globes to use writers for its live NBC telecast, and turned down a request from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to show clips from movies and previous awards shows during its Oscar broadcast in February.
  42. strike zone
    Letterman Set to Return Thanks to WGA’s Plan to Bypass AMPTPWhy doesn’t everyone do this?
  43. the early-evening news
    So, How Bad Will ‘The Golden Compass’ Flop This Weekend?Plus: Guess who died!
  44. strike zone
    Is the End Nigh for the Writers’ Strike?Maybe! But we doubt it.
  45. strike zone
    Are Things Finally Looking Up for Our Picketing Entertainers?Yes!
  46. strike zone
    Writers’ Strike Becoming More of a Bummer Every DaySNL’s crew gets laid off, etc.
  47. apropos of nothing
    Vulture Grades the Striking Writers’ Op-edsNot every TV scribe is cut out for the op-ed page. After the jump, we grade some of the good ones, the not-so-good ones, and the one by Jay Leno.
  48. apropos of nothing
    Confirmed: Will Smith Almost Completely to Blame for Writers StrikeIt turns out that in the clash between the Writers Guild and the major studios, the villains may actually be Tom Cruise, Will Smith, Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg, and every other enormous star capable of commanding revenue-draining participation deals.
  49. strike zone
    Strike Is Actually Kind of Fun, Says Picketing WriterFree cupcakes!
  50. strike zone
    New Season of ‘24’ Delayed by Writers StrikeNoooooooo!
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