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  1. celebrity feuds
    Shakira Got Mugged by Wild BoarsIn a wrinkle to this saga, Shakira now says multiple bystanders neglected to step in.
  2. crime
    Suspect in Kim Kardashian’s 2016 Paris Robbery Reportedly Writes Book About It… Quoi?
  3. what?
    Well, Here’s Meryl Streep Rapping on a New Song From The Prom“If somebody starts in with new drama, just go high like Michelle Obama.”
  4. what?
    Tom Hanks Gives Bullied Boy Named Corona Typewriter, Gives Bullies New MaterialJust what every bullied kid needs.
  5. what?
    Trump Is Angry That Parasite Won Best Picture Instead of Gone With the WindIt’s so … metaphorical.
  6. what?
    Jose Canseco Accuses A-Rod of Cheating on Jennifer Lopez With His Ex-WifeSomeone tag Ellen into this.
  7. what
    What It’s Like Seeing the ‘Butterfly’ Guys do ‘Butterfly’Sure, okay: Crazy Town played a tiny Brooklyn venue for some reason.
  8. what?
    Les Moonves Has Quietly Started a New Company Called Moon Rise Unlimited“CBS is paying for the office space that Mr. Moonves now occupies.”
  9. what?
    ABC Exec Says Oscars Chaos Is, Contrary to All Appearances, a Good Thing“The mystery is really compelling. People really care.”
  10. what?
    Power Walking Cured Liam Neeson’s Racism, According to Liam Neeson“Two hours every day, to get rid of this.”
  11. what?
    Pauly D Plays the Odds by Joining a Second MTV Dating Show, Game of Clones“Stars are given the opportunity to date seven clones of their celebrity crush.”
  12. what?
    Jamie Foxx Channels Future for a New Verizon AdGo ahead. You can hear him now.
  13. Even Ian McKellen Can’t Figure Out These Parking SignsCan you solve this mystery?
  14. what?
    Chet Haze May Have Trashed a Hotel RoomThat’s Tom Hanks’s son.
  15. Talking to Bo Burnham About His New Special, the Pursuit of Fame, and […]Bo Burnham has been busy, and he’s ready for a break. The 23-year-old may have entered the comedy scene in an unconventional way through his […]
  16. Here’s Bo Burnham’s New Special Bo Burnham released his new special, called what., for free on YouTube this morning. Here’s the full thing, or you can buy the album here if […]
  17. Here’s a Song from Bo Burnham’s New Special, Written from the Perspective […] Comedian Bo Burnham is releasing his new special, what., on Tuesday (the 17th) for free on Youtube, and here’s the first song from it. It’s […]
  18. Here’s a Trailer for Bo Burnham’s New Comedy Special, ‘what.’ Bo Burnham’s new comedy special, what., comes out on Tuesday, December 17th, and here’s a super funny new trailer for it he released […]
  19. Bo Burnham Is Releasing His New Standup Special Online for FreeWhile comedians like Louis C.K., Aziz Ansari, and Jim Gaffigan have self-released standup specials online for $5, Bo Burnham is putting his […]
  20. Woman Attacks Husband Over ‘The Onion’This is real news but it sure reads like fake news. A Wisconsin wife was charged on Monday with one count of disorderly conduct domestic abuse […]
  21. clickables
    Watch the Trailer for WRONGIn Quentin Dupieux’s follow-up to Rubber, he goes from a killer tire to a lost dog.
  22. Ron Artest, Professional Stand Up ComedianLos Angeles Laker/fan puncher Ron Artest has a stand up tour. Caroline’s says that it will be “THE comedy event of the summer.” Sorry, actual […]
  23. what?
    The Simpsons Salutes Ke$ha, for Some ReasonDespite the music, it’s pretty delightful.