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  1. what?
    Jose Canseco Accuses A-Rod of Cheating on Jennifer Lopez With His Ex-WifeSomeone tag Ellen into this.
  2. what
    What It’s Like Seeing the ‘Butterfly’ Guys do ‘Butterfly’Sure, okay: Crazy Town played a tiny Brooklyn venue for some reason.
  3. what?
    Les Moonves Has Quietly Started a New Company Called Moon Rise Unlimited“CBS is paying for the office space that Mr. Moonves now occupies.”
  4. what?
    ABC Exec Says Oscars Chaos Is, Contrary to All Appearances, a Good Thing“The mystery is really compelling. People really care.”
  5. what?
    Power Walking Cured Liam Neeson’s Racism, According to Liam Neeson“Two hours every day, to get rid of this.”
  6. what?
    Pauly D Plays the Odds by Joining a Second MTV Dating Show, Game of Clones“Stars are given the opportunity to date seven clones of their celebrity crush.”
  7. what?
    Jamie Foxx Channels Future for a New Verizon AdGo ahead. You can hear him now.
  8. clickables
    Watch the Trailer for WRONGIn Quentin Dupieux’s follow-up to Rubber, he goes from a killer tire to a lost dog.
  9. what?
    The Simpsons Salutes Ke$ha, for Some ReasonDespite the music, it’s pretty delightful.