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When Harry Met Sally

  1. influences
    Harold and Maude, Beck, and 7 Other Things That Influenced Emma.Director Autumn De Wilde on the movies, music, and TV that inspired her own coming of age.
  2. vulture lists
    Every Rob Reiner Movie, RankedA few good films.
  3. Winter Is the Best Season for Rom-Coms’Tis the season for Bridget Jones, Moonstruck, and Last Holiday.
  4. what to stream now
    Where to Stream Carrie Fisher’s Best Non–Star Wars WorkFisher may be best known as Princess Leia, but her legacy goes far beyond Star Wars
  5. when harry met sally
    Carrie Fisher Was the Best Part of When Harry Met Sally“You’re right, you’re right, I know you’re right.”
  6. The 25 Best Romantic Comedies Since When Harry Met SallyOur film critics present 25 outside- and inside-the-box romantic comedies from the past 25 years.
  7. baby fish mouth
    Revisiting When Harry Met Sally With the Actress Who Played AliceThe actress Lisa Jane Persky shares stories from the set.
  8. vulture originals
    See When Harry Met Sally’s New York Magazine CoverYes, we made one.
  9. 80s nostalgia
    The When Harry Met Sally Movie Premiere Was So 1989Actually, these photos are from two separate premieres.
  10. somewhere in time
    Revisiting Hit Music Circa When Harry Met SallyYou’ll have what Martika’s having.
  11. Did You Know That a Lot of Critics Didn’t Like When Harry Met Sally?The reviews were decidedly mixed.
  12. the canon
    A Guide to They Came Together’s Rom-Com ReferencesYou’ve Got Mail, much?
  13. inspirations
    Watch a The Mindy Project/Harry Met Sally MashupA fan-made video reveals the many, many parallels.
  14. candy
    Watch 20 Women Re-create When Harry Met Sally’s Katz’s Deli SceneThey had what she was having.
  15. See the Lost Outtakes From When Harry Met Sally“She’ll have what I’m having.”
  16. ‘When Harry Met Sally’ Is Bad For LadiesWhen Harry Met Sally is a commercial film. Its mission is to be entertaining, to ensure as much watching as possible. As a commercial romantic […]
  17. inception
    A When Harry Met SallyInception Mash-up? Yes, Please!Christopher Nolan does pastrami on rye.
  18. R.I.P. Nora EphronThis sucks. Writer/director/rom-com revolutionary Nora Ephron passed away yesterday from pneumonia stemming from acute myeloid leukemia. She […]
  19. clickables
    Watch Helen Mirren Seduce Billy Crystal in When Harry Met Sally 2Plus a lot of fake blood.
  20. The Finally Screenings: I Just Saw When Harry Met Sally For the First TimeIn The Finally Screenings, Alden Ford is watching comedy classics that, because he grew up in a cave in Alaska, he’s never seen before. These […]