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When In Rome

  1. weekend box office
    Return of Mel Gibson Not Enough to Dethrone AvatarBell-Duhamel rom com sneaks into the top three.
  2. the industry
    Mel Gibson vs. Josh Duhamel: This Weekend’s Box Office Battle For the Bottom!In which ‘Edge of Darkness’ and ‘When in Rome’ teaches an important lesson about tragic irony.
  3. movies
    Wince as Man Proposes at the When in Rome Premiere
  4. the industry
    Scott Rudin to Make Movie Out of BookUp-and-coming playwright Liz Meriwether will write the screenplay for Rudolph Delson’s ‘Maynard & Jennica’.
  5. the industry
    Tip Your Hat to Mayor GandolfiniTony Soprano becomes Hizzoner, plus HBO green-lights a pilot based on the lives of pricey Manhattan call girls.
  6. the industry
    Sam Raimi Drags Ellen Page to HellPlus industry news on Michelle Pfeiffer, Timbaland, and Michael Bay.