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Whip My Hair

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    The Hair-Whipping Era Is Officially OverWillow cut her hair.
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    Watch Justin Bieber Prank Willow Smith, Whip His HairSurprise!
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    Hear Katy Perry Cover ‘Only Girl in the World,’ ‘Big Pimpin’,’ and ‘Whip My Hair’“Oh, I’m Katy Perry’s jeweled-recorder keeper.”
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    Watch a 9-Year-Old’s Awesome ‘Whip My Hair’ Figure-Skating RoutineWorld, meet Starr Andrews.
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    Watch Willow Smith Whip Her Hair, Be Awesome at a Photo ShootWe’re partial to the ‘Clueless’ look.
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    See Willow Smith’s New Bieber-rific Bowl CutShe can probably still whip it.
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    Watch the Exorcist Girl Whip Her Hair Back and ForthWill you ever whip your hair again?
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    Watch Jimmy Fallon’s Neil Young and the Real Springsteen Sing ‘Whip My Hair’Another for the Jimmy Fallon Musical Segment Hall of Fame.
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    See Fresh Prince–Era Will Smith Whip His Hair Back and ForthAshley Banks: The Original Whipper of Hair.
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    See Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway Whip Their HairThough is he singing “waving” instead of “whipping?”
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    Watch Willow Smith’s First TV Performance of ‘Whip My Hair’The 10-year-old begins by singing Rihanna’s “Only Girl (in the World).”
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    See ‘Whip My Hair’ Used As a Mortal Kombat Rallying CrySo far, Willow Smith’s hit has been adopted by two Muppets, a parrot, and a video-game character.
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    Watch the Inevitable Snooki Tribute to ‘Whip My Hair’The ‘Jersey Shore’ resident presents a reliably literal interpretation of Willow Smith’s meme-minting hit.