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White People

  1. close looks
    Posted Live From the InfernoJerry Saltz on the pictures from the Capitol—some of the scariest, stupidest ever taken.
  2. close looks
    Print, Frame, and Hang This Image in the National Portrait GalleryIt reflects the America Black people know.
  3. vulture festival
    Desus & Mero’s ‘No White Guys’ Promo Made a Lot of People Mad Online“Mommy, are we bad because we’re white people?”
  4. white people
    In Get Out, Allison Williams Makes ‘Good White People’ TerrifyingIn her first film role, the Girls actress plays with her impossibly Caucasian star image.
  5. last night on late night
    Late Night’s Amber on Disappointed White PeopleJoin. The. Fun.
  6. 2016 election
    Minhaj: White America Is Responsible for 11/9And why Trump winning is like Blockbuster beating Netflix.
  7. chat room
    Jose Antonio Vargas: White People Is for White PeopleThe journalist discusses his new documentary.
  8. documentaries
    MTV’s New Documentary Wants to Make White People Very Uncomfortable“What does it mean to be young and white?”
  9. white people
    Which Oscar-Season Sad White Guy Is Saddest and Whitest?Walter Mitty, Llewyn Davis, Captain Phillips?
  10. stage dive
    Stage Dive: An Off Broadway Roundup’White People,’ ‘Vieux Carre,’ and ‘The Hallway Trilogy.’
  11. I’ll Just Leave This Here“Black People vs. White People: Who’s Funnier?”
  12. white people
    Chris Rock’s 2004 ‘Hey Ya’ Parody Finally AppearsWhat the hell is this?
  13. apropos of nothing
    Kanye West Cares About Dopey White PeopleIf Chris Martin wants to be Kanye’s favorite dorky white guy in 2007, he’s got some stiff competition. Below, we see how the candidates measure up.