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  1. art
    Salman Toor’s Queer RococoThe artist lives, and paints, between worlds — Lahore, Pakistan and New York.
  2. best of 2018
    Jerry Saltz’s 10 Best Art Shows of 2018Including an abstract pioneer and presidential portraiture.
  3. art
    Andy Warhol’s Drawings of Shoes And Boys Tells Us Everything About HimA glimpse of the artist’s pre-fame work.
  4. appreciations
    Everything You Wanted to Know About Andy Warhol in Eight WorksAn appreciation of an American revolutionary, ahead of the Whitney’s can’t-miss new retrospective.
  5. The Whitney Rejected This Masterpiece SculptureThe sculpture is not only a 21st-century masterpiece, it embodies so much of America’s past and current struggles that had it been placed in the front of this museum at this time, it might have been a beacon, a lightning rod, a second Statue of Liberty.
  6. art
    5 Provocative 1930s Anti-Lynching Prints“The terror in the man’s eyes conveys the persistent fears of black Americans in the South during the 1930s.”
  7. The New Whitney Building Is OpenThe architect mistakes virtue for personality.
  8. Jerry Saltz on the New Whitney MuseumHow the museum might just solve the impossible problem of contemporary art.
  9. Music to Art Ears at the WhitneyBlues for Smoke takes center stage at the Whitney Museum of American Art
  10. the industry
    Whitney on the Cusp: The Key to the Museum’s Expansion DowntownIts current shows are great. But the institution must keep one priority in mind as they plan their second location.
  11. party lines
    Emilie de Ravin at the Whitney Art PartyPlus: Selita Ebanks, Jennifer Esposito, Maggie Grace …
  12. moves
    Whitney Museum to Move to Meatpacking District in 2015’Downtown is a new city, a new nation.’
  13. equal-arty
    Saltz on Art’s Triumph: Women Win Slim Majority in Next Whitney BiennialThis will prove once and for all that women artists are no better and no worse than their male counterparts.
  14. party lines
    Lohan, Donatella, and Barton at the Whitney Gala“My kind of art has always been film, that’s my primary interest, and everything else is just a hobby.”
  15. art candy
    Georgia O’Keeffe’s Startling Abstract WorksFifteen pieces, including paintings that will surprise even some of her most devoted fans, and several charcoal drawings that first convinced Alfred Stieglitz of her greatness.
  16. Francesco Bonami Selected to Curate the Whitney’s 2010 BiennialHe’ll be co-curating alongside Gary Carrion-Murayari.
  17. the take
    Video: Jerry Saltz Tours the Whitney BiennialNew York art critic Jerry Saltz walks us through the highlights.
  18. news reel
    The Whitney Biennial: Behind Eduardo Sarabia’s Tequila BarIs tequila art?
  19. news reel
    Opening Night at the Whitney Biennial: The Art Crowd Is Not ImpressedIt was hip to be squared at last night’s opening.
  20. news reel
    Sonic Youth Art Exhibit Coming to the Whitney?The band plans to perform at each museum as well.
  21. news reel
    Chuck Close at His Gala Party: Eff You Every MuchWith a cameo from an art-grubbing Michael Ovitz!
  22. art candy
    The Multitasking BuddhaRudolf Stingel, the art critics’ darling whose highly anticipated retrospective opened this weekend at the Whitney, has a funny way of exploring artistic process. While he’s best known for his colossal minimalist constructions (Styrofoam “canvases,” transformative installations — both of which are on view at the Whitney), we kind of like the look of this multitasking Buddha: a tranquil (though perhaps maniacal) take on artistic apprenticeship.