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Whitney Port

  1. the hills
    A Hills Mystery: Whither Whitney Port?The former reality star has barely appeared in The Hills revival. What gives?
  2. curious adaptations
    The Hills Are Alive With the Sound of a Potential Movie AdaptationIt would get the gang back together … except for Heidi and Spencer.
  3. clickables
    Watch Whitney Port Try to Find a Boyfriend for Barbie on a Web SeriesYes, Whitney Port’s new job is a web series version of ‘The Bachelorette,’ tailored to a famous doll.
  4. exclusive
    Whitney Port to Act in Web SeriesVulture hears Port has been cast in ‘Hollywood Is Like High School With Money,’ a new scripted, web-only series from ‘Gossip Girl’ producer Alloy Entertainment.
  5. apropos of nothing
    Trent Reznor One-ups Radiohead, Eschews Money AltogetherYes, there’s another new NIN album available on Trent’s Website — but this time for free!
  6. quote machine
    Whitney Port Is Under No Illusions About ‘The Hills’Plus: ‘Leatherheads’ writers on how George Clooney became their Cary Grant, and Tracy Ullman on playing Renee Zellweger.