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Who Ya Gonna Call?

  1. who ya gonna call?
    Tilda Swinton Emailed Margaret Cho About Strange“It was a long fight about why the part should not have gone to her.”
  2. trolls
    Dan Aykroyd Weighs In on Leslie Jones’s Trolls“They’re insignificant gnats, they’re losers, they have no lives of their own …”
  3. who ya gonna call?
    Melissa McCarthy Discusses Ghostbusters Backlash“All those comments — ‘You’re ruining my childhood!’ I mean, really.”
  4. who ya gonna call?
    Original Ghostbusters Returning to TheatersI ain’t afraid of no AMC Theaters.
  5. who ya gonna call?
    A Roundup of Every Ghostbusters 3 Rumor From the Past 25 YearsThis thing’s been in talks for more than two decades.