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  1. theories
    Let’s All Obsess Over What’s in That Mare of Easttown PhotoThe possibilities are truly endless.
  2. whodunnit?
    The Odds on Mare of Easttown’s Killer Just Got a Whole Lot Shorter. However …A major confession seems to close the book on the McMenamin murder, but the final moments of “Sore Must Be the Storm” shatter any sense of certainty.
  3. whodunnit
    The Odds on Mare of Easttown’s Killer Just Got a Serious Shake-upWhile “Illusions” clears up the picture in some corners of the story, it clouds it up elsewhere. Let’s assess the majorly shifted suspect list.
  4. whodunnit?
    Let’s Lay Odds on Mare of Easttown’s Long List of SuspectsMore than halfway through the series, it still seems like just about anyone could be the killer (killers?).
  5. 13 reasons why
    13 Reasons Why Season 3 Trailer Tries to Make ‘Who Killed Bryce Walker?’ HappenThe third season drops August 23.
  6. whodunnit?
    Someone Temporarily Stole Frances McDormand’s OscarThe man has been arrested for felony grand theft.
  7. whodunnit?
    Netflix Is Feeding the Nonstop JonBenét Ramsey Frenzy With a New DocumentaryCalled Casting JonBenét.
  8. wowzers!
    Game of Thrones Discussion: What Just Happened?A place for us all to talk about that thing that just happened.
  9. whodunnit?
    Remaining True Detective SuspectsThe Tall Man. The Spaghetti Monster. And other probably evil characters with actual names.
  10. suggestions
    Forget Whodunnit?: Give Us More Agatha ChristieIt is her time.
  11. summer tv
    Why Aren’t You Watching Whodunnit?A show about murder that’s actually fun.
  12. ABC Is Planning a Murder-Mystery Reality Show This SummerIt’s CSI meets Clue.