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  1. whoops
    Emmy Does Not Love MichaelJason Bateman was accidentally given the Outstanding Guest Actor for a Drama Series award meant for someone else.
  2. whoops
    Just Kidding! The Oscars Will Air All Awards During the TelecastAnyone have one of those Men In Black mind wipe devices handy? Asking for a friend at the Academy.
  3. whoops
    Regina King Was Almost Crushed TonightOtherwise things are going great.
  4. whoops
    Chrissy Metz Denies Calling Alison Brie ‘Bitch’ on Golden Globes Red CarpetThe evening’s strangest controversy took shape before the ceremony even began.
  5. whoops
    Kelly Osbourne Blames Starbucks for Forcing Her to Pee Herself During PrideWhen Starbucks employees wouldn’t let her use their toilet, she peed herself.
  6. whoops
    Daniel Craig Maybe Almost Bankrupted SkyfallThe plot hole police are gonna love this one.
  7. fun facts
    E!’s Disturbing ‘Fun Fact’ Becomes a ‘Fun Meme’Fun! (The meme, not the original.)
  8. whoops
    Angel Haze’s Debut-Album Release Date Pushed UpAfter she leaked it herself. It’s December 30.
  9. Charlie Sheen Accidentally Tweeted His Phone Number to Justin Bieber, the WorldOops.
  10. whoops
    Will.I.Am Is Not Having the Best Week EverBack-to-back screw-ups for the Black Eyed Peas front man.
  11. whoops
    Amazon Leaks Joell Ortiz’s New Album’Free Agent’ went on sale, but it wasn’t supposed to.
  12. whoops
    New Sony Movie Leaked by SonyThe Matt Dillon armored-truck drama, still very much in theaters, found its way into the PlayStation store somehow.
  13. whoops
    Amazon Also Confused by All Those Rebirth DelaysThe site just sent out 500 preordered copies of Lil Wayne’s new album, even though it’s now not officially out until February.
  14. whoops
    Video Game Delayed Over Accidental Koran ReferencesLittleBigPlanet is coming a week later.