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Why Him

  1. last night on late night
    Zoey Deutch Confirms Your Suspicion That James Franco Is Not a Good KisserThe Set It Up star kisses and tells.
  2. movie reviews
    Why Him? Is a Disgustingly Unfunny Piece of Silicon Valley WorshipThe question in this movie’s title gets a lot of use.
  3. trailer mix
    Franco, Cranston Fight in New Why Him? TrailerBryan Cranston stars in Don’t Date My Daughter, James Franco!
  4. Keegan-Michael Key Joins Bryan Cranston, James Franco, and Megan Mullally […]James Franco and Bryan Cranston’s in-the-works romantic comedy Why Him? is rounding out its cast. According to The Hollywood Reporter, […]
  5. Megan Mullally Joins Bryan Cranston and James Franco in ‘Why Him?’James Franco and Bryan Cranston’s upcoming film Why Him? just added another star to its cast. According to Variety, Megan Mullally has signed […]
  6. why him
    Megan Mullally Is in a Franco-Cranston MovieDon’t put Mullally in the corner.
  7. Bryan Cranston and James Franco to Star in Comedy ‘Why Him?’Bryan Cranston and James Franco are teaming up on the big screen. The Wrap reports that both have signed on to star in Why Him?, which centers […]