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  1. wig!
    Nicole Kidman Has Some ’Splainin’ to Do in Being the Ricardos TrailerWhy are you gagging so? You know she brings it to you every Lucille Ball.
  2. wigging out
    Leave It to Amy Adams to Name Her Hillbilly Elegy Wig ‘Beaver’“The Beave!”
  3. wig
    HBO Dream Team Nicole Kidman, David E. Kelley, Wigs Return With The UndoingThat hair is full of secrets.
  4. wig
    Sam Smith Announces New Album To Die For By Opening a Wig ShopThe single “To Die For” from the album To Die For will be available to buy for on Valentine’s Day, which is this Friday, which is tomorrow.
  5. party report
    Nicholas Hoult Named His Fluffy Wigs From The Favourite“Babs was the main one.”
  6. wig!
    Who Do You Think Leo DiCaprio Looks Like With His New Tarantino-Movie Sideburns?They’re for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.