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  1. video games
    Nintendo Will Debut Wii Follow-up in 2012And it will have a controller that’s similar to an iPad.
  2. tv
    See the Depressing Trailer for The Bachelor: The Video Game“Experience the drama of dating and the fun of flirting,” but alone and on your Wii.
  3. danger
    Nintendo Wii Just Killing Everyone in SightStatistics show that if there’s a Wii under your Christmas tree this year, you’ll almost certainly be dead by New Year’s.
  4. apropos of nothing
    Upcoming Wii Light-Saber Game Almost Makes Up For the ‘Star Wars’ PrequelsSurely this will be the greatest-ever thing to come from the Star Wars universe, right?
  5. agenda
    Classic Game, Next-Gen Console Equal Dumb-Fun GeekingMario Kart Wii takes erratic driving to the next level.
  6. apropos of nothing
    Nintendo Sells 1.4 Million More Video Games to People Who Used to Like Movies, Music, and TelevisionThe entertainment business is doomed.
  7. agenda
    Super Smash Bros. Brawl: Hero-on-Hero ViolenceLink and Mario have slayed dragons and stomped evil mushrooms in their own separate Wii adventures — but who would win in a street fight?
  8. agenda
    The Perfect Video Game For the (Very) LazyThis scuba game for the Wii is a lot like being trapped in an old Windows aquarium — in a mesmerizingly good way.