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  1. trailer mix
    Watch the Trailer for Risk, the New Documentary About Julian AssangeScarier than that trailer for It.
  2. last night on late night
    Ex-CIA Director Casually Debunks Trump’s Wiretapping Claim on The Late Show“I can tell you that these tools would not be used against an American.”
  3. all the small things
    Blink-182’s T. DeLonge Takes UFO Info to the TopWikiLeaks uncovered the clandestine extraterrestrial research.
  4. ugh
    Leaked Email: Marvel CEO Not So Hot on Female Superhero MoviesWe don’t know the context, but it doesn’t look great.
  5. sony hack
    You Can Now Search Even More Sony Emails on WikiLeaksAs if reading your own emails wasn’t enough of a daily burden.
  6. sony hack
    Thanks to WikiLeaks, You Can Now Search Through All the Leaked Sony EmailsJulian Assange strikes again.
  7. unlikely bffs
    Watch Julian Assange Open M.I.A’s ShowVia Skype, of course.
  8. benedict cumberbatch
    The Fifth Estate Bombed Extra HardWith one of the worst openings of 2013.
  9. wikileaks leaks
    WikiLeaks Leaks The Fifth Estate Script in Typical ProtestThey’re even calling it “the anti-WikiLeaks movie.”
  10. casting couch
    Dan Stevens In Talks for Wikileaks MovieCousin Matthew, hacker extraordinaire.
  11. casting
    Daniel Bruhl Replacing James McAvoy in WikiLeaks MovieDon’t worry, Benedict Cumberbatch is still going to be in it.
  12. casting
    James McAvoy Replacing Joel Kinnaman in WikiLeaks MovieSadly, replacing Joel Kinnaman.
  13. roadblocks
    Competing WikiLeaks Movies All Waiting for an EndingIn very un-Hollywood fashion, production companies are being kind of patient.
  14. the industry
    Rowan Joffe Is Writing the WikiLeaks Movie for HBO and BBCHe’s the guy who wrote ‘The American.’
  15. the industry
    DreamWorks Developing Its Own WikiLeaks MovieThe studio just bought two books about Julian Assange.
  16. wikileaks hollywood
    Third WikiLeaks Movie in the WorksHBO gets in on the latest craze.
  17. wikileaks hollywood
    Alex Gibney to Direct Julian Assange DocumentaryHere they come.
  18. clickables
    Read Excerpts From WikiLeaks in Haiku FormThey read like a U.N. epic poem.
  19. wikileaks
    Bono Has Nearly Annoyed at Least One World Leader Into Helping Poor CountriesBerlusconi was intimidated, at least.
  20. The Comedic Reaction to the Many Stages of the Wikileaks StoryThe Wikileaks dump has been a dominant and ongoing story for a couple of weeks now, and the coverage by comedians has been just as heavy. As […]
  21. From the WikiLeaks Document Pile: ‘David Letterman: Agent of Influence’The title of one of WikiLeaks’ leaked State Department documents? “David Letterman: Agent of Influence.” Apparently, Dave is a better […]
  22. statecraft
    WikiLeaks Proves George Clooney Is America’s Best ExportWhich you already knew.