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  1. wild speculation
    Is Grimes Pregnant With Elon Musk’s Baby?Baby Grimes doo doo doo doo
  2. The Best Westworld Fan Theories, Mid-Season EditionChecking in on the status of some of the internet’s most popular hunches, at the midpoint of its second season.
  3. wild speculation
    The Best Westworld Fan Theories About the Season-Two PremiereWhy is Bernard acting so weird?
  4. wild speculation
    What Is Kanye Doing in Wyoming? 5 Snowy GuessesLet us wildly speculate.
  5. wild speculation
    The OA Fan Theories: The Good, the Bad, and the BizarreA guide to the many interpretations of Netflix’s inscrutable sci-fi series.
  6. wild speculation
    What Westworld Would Look Like As a 22-Episode Season of Network TVMaybe we’d get more character building. But also, some of those two-dozen episodes would be really dumb.
  7. wild speculation
    The Best Westworld Fan Theories, UpdatedIf William is not the Man in Black, the writers are playing a game in which they want us to think he is.
  8. wild speculation
    The Best Westworld Fan Theories So FarThe first two episodes make it clear who is human and who is android in the universe of Westworld. Or do they?
  9. star wars viii
    Adam Driver Says Star Wars VIII Is Like EmpireDriver is really into the script.
  10. trolling
    That Andre 3000 Album Might Just Be HappeningWhat. Is. This???
  11. The Likelihood of Mad Men’s Remaining Conspiracy TheoriesWhat’s left to speculate? (Everything.)
  12. wild speculation
    Speculating on When and Where Glee Will Take Place in Season 6Least likely answer: the Temples of Syrinx, circa 2112 A.D.
  13. wild speculation
    The Internet’s Best Under the Dome TheoriesWhat’s up with the dome in Under the Dome? Check out these theories.
  14. wild speculation
    Six Ways Breaking Bad Could EndLet’s walk through a few possible scenarios.
  15. tv
    Five Possible Endings for HomelandAnd how they could lead to interesting, different second seasons.