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  1. renewals
    FX Orders a Third Season of WilfredThere will be more Wilfred, fred.
  2. season renewals
    FX Renews Louie, Hints It’ll Re-up Charlie SheenIs also close to a deal to bring back Wilfred.
  3. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Heidi Klum Performed Hip-Hop Dance CharadesPlus: David Letterman threatened Aubrey Plaza that he wouldn’t show a clip of Safety Not Guaranteed, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  4. matt zoller seitz
    Seitz: A TV Show’s Second Season Is As Important As Its First — Maybe More SoOur TV critic looks at the second seasons of Wilfred and Falling Skies.
  5. ratings
    Charlie Sheen’s Anger Management Gets Record RatingsOf course it did.
  6. the industry
    FX’s Five Rules of Comedy, and How to Explain Anger ManagementPresident John Landgraf explains how Charlie Sheen fits into the world of Louie and It’s Always Sunny.
  7. wilfred
    Watch the Season Premiere of WilfredThe dog days are beginning all over again.
  8. slideshow
    Which TV Show Rich People Hate the Most, and 27 Other Unexpected Ratings FactsWhat reality show mesmerizes kids ages 2-5? How many NBC shows does it take to equal the audience for NCIS?
  9. chat room
    Wilfred’s Jason Gann on Bringing His Show to America, Elijah Wood’s Appeal, and Writing for an Imaginary Man-Dog“We have what we call ‘Wilfred’s Wilfred’ and ‘Ryan’s Wilfred’ … this show is a lot more complex to write than the Australian version.”
  10. tv
    The Summer TV Report Card: Which Shows Were Hot and Which Just Got Burned?From reality to scripted to all things pawn, we judge what’s likely to be back next June, and what we’ll (hopefully) never see again.
  11. breaking
    FX Renews Louie, Plus Two More ComediesHappy Saturday!
  12. ratings
    Ratings: Louie and Wilfred Premiere StronglyUSA’s shows, however, are not as hot as they once were.
  13. compare and contrast
    Compare Wilfred to the Australian OriginalIt’s really different.
  14. tv review
    In Wilfred a Dog Gives Lessons on How to Be a ManTo smoke pot, hump waitresses, and be men.
  15. clickables
    Watch the Promo for Wilfred, Starring Elijah Wood and a Guy in a Dog SuitWeird?
  16. trend spotting
    Mel Gibson Starts a Trend That’s Not Profanity-Laden’The Beaver’ has company.
  17. FX Orders Wilfred, a Sitcom about Elijah Wood and His Alcoholic DogFX just ordered 11 episodes of a new comedy called WIlfred, which will star Elijah Wood. It sounds pretty insane! It’ll be “about a guy, Ryan […]
  18. pickup lines
    FX Picks Up Series About Pot-Smoking Dog’Wilfred,’ starring Elijah Wood, gets a thirteen-episode order.
  19. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Heigl, DunstPlus: ‘Entourage’ producers developing a ‘female-centric’ comedy for HBO.