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Will And Grace Revival

  1. renewed!
    Oh, Honey! Will & Grace Revival Renewed for a Third SeasonSeason one hasn’t even concluded yet.
  2. Will & Grace’s Best Trump Joke Is Its SettingSitcom sets are a crucial, meaningful element of the genre.
  3. Will & Grace Is Back and It’s Like It Never LeftAfter a slightly off start, the NBC sitcom settles right back into its specific brand of silliness.
  4. will and grace revival
    Let’s Go Through Debra Messing’s Exceptional InstagramThe internet’s top destination for clips of the Will & Grace cast singing about pubic hair.
  5. the streaming wars
    Finally, All of Will & Grace Is Coming to StreamingSee, not everything about 2017 is awful!
  6. trailer mix
    Will & Grace Revival Trailer: The Quartet Has Their Groove BackIt showcases “a sad, middle-aged lady … and Grace.”
  7. growing up
    The Will & Grace Revival Will Officially Be ‘Woke’Everyone is a little older and a little wiser.
  8. revivals
    NBC Has Already Renewed the Will & Grace Revival for a Second SeasonThe cast reunited for the revival season’s table read just yesterday.
  9. resets
    The Will & Grace Revival Will Pretend That Finale Never HappenedWhen the show returns, Will and Grace will be happily (?) single and still living together.