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Will And Grace

  1. where's the beef?
    Will & Grace Creator Admits Drama Between Certain People Plagued Last Season“It was not an easy year.”
  2. where's the beef
    Megan Mullally Misses Multiple Will & Grace Episodes Due to On-Set DramaYikes.
  3. renewed!
    Oh, Honey! Will & Grace Revival Renewed for a Third SeasonSeason one hasn’t even concluded yet.
  4. A Very Precise Taxonomy of the TV RebootWe’ve all been around the block with TV revivals more than once now.
  5. Will & Grace’s Best Trump Joke Is Its SettingSitcom sets are a crucial, meaningful element of the genre.
  6. will and grace revival
    Let’s Go Through Debra Messing’s Exceptional InstagramThe internet’s top destination for clips of the Will & Grace cast singing about pubic hair.
  7. The 15 Best Will & Grace Episodes to RewatchEnjoy, poodles.
  8. tribeca tv festival
    Before Returning to Will & Grace, Debra Messing Asked That Grace ‘Be a Feminist’When Megan Mullally was asked if she wanted to change anything about her character, she answered simply: “No.”
  9. the streaming wars
    Finally, All of Will & Grace Is Coming to StreamingSee, not everything about 2017 is awful!
  10. trailer mix
    Will & Grace Revival Trailer: The Quartet Has Their Groove BackIt showcases “a sad, middle-aged lady … and Grace.”
  11. growing up
    The Will & Grace Revival Will Officially Be ‘Woke’Everyone is a little older and a little wiser.
  12. revivals
    NBC Has Already Renewed the Will & Grace Revival for a Second SeasonThe cast reunited for the revival season’s table read just yesterday.
  13. resets
    The Will & Grace Revival Will Pretend That Finale Never HappenedWhen the show returns, Will and Grace will be happily (?) single and still living together.
  14. trailer mix
    The Will & Grace Cast Is Having an Infectiously Good Time in This New TeaserWho needs plot details when you have Karen passionately making out with Jack?
  15. revivalmania
    How the Will & Grace Revival Is Dealing With the Series-Finale Time JumpIt’ll make perfect sense! Or will it?!
  16. revivals
    Watch the Will & Grace Cast Return to Their Old Apartment to Tease the RevivalJack and Karen are still in character, because they’re pros.
  17. reboots
    Minnie Driver Would Really Like to Be in the Will & Grace Revival, ThanksLorraine Finster will ride again, if Minnie Driver has any say.
  18. first looks
    Here’s Your First Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Will & Grace RevivalLooking good, you four.
  19. the industry
    Why the Will & Grace Reboot Is Likely to SucceedIt could end up making a bigger splash than previous attempts to recapture past ratings glory.
  20. last night on late night
    Megan Mullally Regrets Performing With Donald Trump at the EmmysAnd remembers how Donald Trump really wanted to win his segment.
  21. revivals
    Megan Mullally Is Keeping Your Hopes Up for a Will & Grace RevivalRumors of “preliminary talks” might have been true.
  22. The Case Against a ‘Will & Grace’ Reboot Back in September, when Donald Trump becoming President was just a remote possibility and not a hard fact that most of us are still […]
  23. roll clip!
    Will & Grace Cast Reunites, Performs HRC Musical“We don’t know how he got here, can’t wait till he is gone / Hope he doesn’t sue us for this song!”
  24. revivals
    NBC Is Reportedly in Talks for a Will & Grace RevivalWith the whole main cast.
  25. roll clip!
    Watch Brand-New Will & Grace 2016 Election SceneGuess who Karen is voting for.
  26. reunions
    Will & Grace Is Coming Back. How? Don’t Ask Questions; It’s Just Back“We’re baaaaaaack!”
  27. 2016 presidential campaign
    How Every NYC TV Character Would Vote in the New York State PrimaryWho wins the pivotal Friends demographic?
  28. a tribute to james burrows
    Watch the NBC Stars Gather for James BurrowsThe special, which has been hyped as a near-reunion of Friends, airs on February 21.