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  1. Celebrities Get Angry About Airline’s Leggings BanPatricia Arquette has some good points.
  2. unexpectedly delightful things
    William Shatner’s Bizarre Feud With Bachelor Nick Viall Finally Comes to an End“My goal for #DWTS is to knock Bachelor Nick out ASAP. Who is with me?”
  3. dream casting couch
    William Shatner Won’t Do TBBT Until Better Role“I said ‘find something that’s better.’”
  4. apologies
    William Shatner Half-Apologizes for Star Trek V“I did not get the help I needed in allocating my budget.”
  5. comic con 2016
    Comic-Con: There Was a Star Trek Tent RevivalGet ready for a big Star Trek group hug.
  6. star trek
    Watch 56 Episodes of Star Trek Played at OnceGrab your Adderall.
  7. william shatner
    See William Shatner Dressed Up As a GhostbusterHe ain’t afraid of no ghosts!
  8. stage dive
    Theater Review: We Boldly Go to Shatner’s World“Everything you’d expect it to be, only more so.”
  9. r.i.p.
    William Shatner’s Priceline Negotiator Is DeadRest in peace…?
  10. theater
    William Shatner Headed to Broadway For Shatner’s World: We’re Just Living  in It.
  11. william shatner
    Watch William Shatner’s Sassy Video Response to Carrie FisherIn the continuing battle of Star Wars vs. Star Trek, Shat records a video response to Carrie Fisher’s recent rebuttal.
  12. clickables
    Watch William Shatner Sing ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ As a Big Face in the SkyEasy come, easy go.
  13. beefs
    William Shatner Is Not a Star Wars Fan“It’s derivative.”
  14. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: William Shatner Rides Craig Ferguson Like a HorsePlus: David Koechner and Jay Leno wrestle, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  15. chat room
    William Shatner on His Star Trek Documentary and $#*! My Dad Says Getting Canceled“They shouldn’t have canceled [it] … it was too popular.”
  16. clickables
    See William Shatner Arm-Wrestling Chris PineIt’s Kirk-on-Kirk action.
  17. wtf
    William Shatner Is Making a Space-Themed Metal Album With Brian May and Bootsy CollinsAt least he’s not rapping.
  18. clickables
    Watch William Shatner Cover Cee-Lo’s ‘F-ck You’“Nobody understands you in this century unless you swear every other world.”
  19. chat room
    William Shatner on Why His New Show Isn’t Called Defecation My Father Says“In the vernacular, it’s shit. ‘I got to get my shit together,’ and like that.”
  20. william shatner
    Ask William Shatner AnythingGot a question for the man of many talents?
  21. the shat
    William Shatner Has a Twitter ValetBecause 140-character tweets are beyond his typing capabilities.
  22. William Shatner Not a Fan of Bleeping“The word ‘shit’ is all around us,” he says.
  23. tv
    See Leonard Nimoy Describe the Time William Shatner Stole His BicycleCaptain Kirk, heartless thief.
  24. quote machine
    What Becomes of an Unbeautiful William Shatner?Plus: John Corbett gets belchy.
  25. shat
    Shatner’s Sh*t Picked Up by CBSThe William Shatner–starring sitcom adapted from the Twitter feed has been picked up by CBS.
  26. tv
    See William Shatner and Lin Yu Chun Perform ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’The Taiwanese Whitney Houston appears on ‘Lopez Tonight.’
  27. quote machine
    No Crap Trailers for Fox’s Other Movies on James Cameron’s DVDsPlus: Shatner to go out signing autographs.
  28. CBS Predictably Can’t Name Shit ShowWhat will William Shatner say?
  29. shatner
    William Shatner Has His Own Social-Networking Site NowFinally!
  30. Shatner to Say ShitWilliam Shatner has been cast as the dad in ‘Shit My Dad Says’ (that’s a working title, presumably), CBS’s multi-camera TV adaptation of the Twitter feed.
  31. books
    See Lost Footage of William Shatner Reading Edgar Allen Poe’s ‘The Raven’
  32. quote machine
    Hey, Ellen DeGeneres, Eminem Wants Your JobPlus: William Shatner acknowledges that a lot of his old co-workers think he’s a dick.
  33. the industry
    Jason Sudeikis to Heroically Break Up Annoying RelationshipPlus: ‘T.J. Hooker: The Movie’!
  34. khaaaaan!
    Hypnotic Loop of Khan Clip Calls Attention to the Genius of William ShatnerTake that, J.J. Abrams!
  35. cheap shots
    Was J.J. Abrams Mocking Shatner With Star Trek’s Beastie Boys Song?Apparently, Shatner was unable to pronounce the word ‘sabotage’ on the original TV series.
  36. introductions
    Kirk Meets Kirk!And they said it would never happen!
  37. William Shatner Watches the Trailer for the Star Trek Movie He’s Not InTeam Shatner!
  38. quote machine
    The Cast of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Will Cure Your InfertilityPlus: Tom Cruise possibly responsible for ‘I Am Legend”s crappy ending.
  39. kudos
    The Emmys: They Postponed a New Episode of ‘Mad Men’ for This?Then, because the most creative minds in television couldn’t think of anything more clever, William Shatner was invited onstage to rip off Heidi Klum’s clothes.
  40. quote machine
    William Shatner Thinks J.J. Abrams Could Be a Little More CreativePlus: Today’s the day that 50 Cent and Mariah Carey learned who Mudvayne is.
  41. quote machine
    Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Next Movie Will Be BetterPlus: Harrison Ford is balling now.
  42. chat room
    William Shatner on UFOs, Leonard Nimoy, and T.J. Hooker’s Politics“This interview is part entertainment, part experience, part bullshit.”
  43. quote machine
    John Cho Assures Us That Neil Patrick Harris Will Blow Our Freakin’ MindsPlus: Quotes from Jerry Seinfeld and William Shatner!
  44. vulture lists
    10 Worst Movies Directed by ActorsAnd Dances With Wolves was number 11!