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Willie Nelson

  1. cma awards 2019
    Kacey Musgraves Made a ‘Rainbow Connection’ With Willie Nelson at the CMAsMusgraves picked up two awards as well.
  2. musical histories
    Remember That Crazy Album the IRS Made Willie Nelson Release?It’s a career highlight.
  3. The 10 Best Country Albums of 2017From Jason Isbell to Lee Ann Womack, Kelsea Ballerini, Willie Nelson, and more.
  4. hospitalizations
    Willie Nelson Gives All Clear After Ending Show Early Due to Breathing Problems“The altitude got to me,” the singer tweeted early Monday morning. “I am feeling better now & headed for lower ground.”
  5. all the world's a stage
    Woody Harrelson Will Make a Movie Live As It Airs in TheatersMore ambitious than your average Facebook Live session.
  6. dolly parton
    Dolly Parton’s Career to Be Honored at CMAsCountry music will always love you, Dolly.
  7. luck reunion
    Waiting Out the Storm at Willie Nelson’s RanchWhen thunder and lightning threatened the country outlaw’s festival, the stacked lineup rolled with the rain-soaked punches.
  8. cancelled
    Heart Cancels SeaWorld Gig Owing to Blackfish DocumentaryThey join Willie Nelson and Barenaked Ladies in the list of acts who have pulled out because of the documentary.
  9. Willie Nelson Bus Crash Injures Band Members, Disrupts TourThanks to an icy road and some bad weather.
  10. alternate universe casting couch
    Here’s Willie Nelson’s Gandalf Audition TapeThanks, Conan.
  11. problem solving
    Stop Driving Through Sierra Blanca: A Less Drug-Bust-y Route for MusiciansSurely there are other highways.
  12. out on the weekend
    This Weekend’s Concerts, From Akon to WilcoPlus: Willie Nelson, Sugarland, Guided by Voices …
  13. free willie
    Willie Nelson Charged With Marijuana Possession in TexasSix ounces of it.
  14. quote machine
    Diddy Reaffirms Position on Hatin’ Ass CrabsPlus: Age nothing but a number for Tom Cruise.
  15. quote machine
    Time to Start a New Facebook GroupPlus: Daniel Dae Kim spoils the ‘Lost’ finale.
  16. chat room
    Willie Nelson on His New Album, Country MusicThe musician talks about producing more music than the label can handle, his famously banged-up guitar, and his new method of smoking pot.
  17. pot
    Which 4/20 Album Release Is the Most Pot-Referencing?Which of today’s new albums gives the biggest bong for your buck?
  18. music
    Stream Willie Nelson’s New Album, Man With the Blues, in Its EntiretyLet’s buy a barn and put this on the stereo.
  19. tv
    Willie Nelson to Larry King: Yes, I Smoked Pot Right Before Coming on Your ShowKeep on keepin’ on, Willie.
  20. quote machine
    Willie Nelson’s Pot-Resistant Lungs the Envy of Gold Medalists EverywherePlus: Asher Roth lets them boogie but still chases the booty.
  21. last night's gig
    Willie Nelson Earns Everything But the Panties at Radio CityOver the course of his 30-song sing-along last night, Willie Nelson proved he’s nothing if not generous.
  22. trailer mix
    ‘Surfer, Dude’: Matthew McConaughey Takes Art of Non-Acting to Bold New HeightsThis looks less like a movie and more like a ploy to have someone else foot the weed bill for a summer.
  23. the industry
    Who Will Be America’s Next Top Janet Jackson?Plus: Matthew Perry returns to television, and, at last, Toby Keith is coming to the big screen.
  24. tube junkie
    Snoop Dogg’s ‘One Life to Live’ Appearance Completes Most Ridiculous Promotional Tour of All TimeCollaborate with Willie Nelson and Lindsay Lohan? Check. Attend the CMT Awards and romance LeAnn Rimes? Double check.
  25. the industry
    Judd Apatow’s Inability to Stop Producing Movies Is Becoming TroublingPlus: Mayor André 3000!
  26. right-click
    Willie Nelson Gets DylanesquePlus more Jay-Z!
  27. the early-evening news
    Hasid to Perform With HayseedsPete Dohety, the French, and more!
  28. right-click
    Who Do Rilo Kiley Think They’re Kidding?Devendra Banhart, the Cure, and more!
  29. the industry
    The Addams Family Lurches to Broadway