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  1. get the chardonnay
    Dead to Me’s Best Supporting Character Is WineA recap of all the times Jen and Judy pour themselves a glass of red, white, or (God forbid) orange in season two.
  2. sure why not?
    Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis Launch Quarantine Wine to Benefit COVID-19 ReliefLook, you were going to buy wine anyway.
  3. connor roy 2020
    Wait, ‘Hyperdecanting’ Wine Isn’t Just a Succession Joke?Connor Roy isn’t the only guy putting his wine in a blender.
  4. tv
    The Wine Show Season Two: More Wine, More British Accents, and More PunsNo one makes a quality wine-tasting face like Matthew Goode.
  5. extremely unnecessary tie-ins
    And The Handmaid’s Tale Wine Has Already Been PulledUnder his side-eye.
  6. movies
    A Comprehensive Look at the Alcohol Consumed in Book ClubThis may be the drunkest movie of all time.
  7. I Ate and Drank Like Olivia Pope for a Week, and I Didn’t DieBut it was still a very bad idea.
  8. roll clip!
    Jennifer Lawrence Gives a YouTube-Star Audition With a Charity Wine VideoShe’s really committing to the Passengers apology tour.
  9. thirst
    Tituss Burgess Shills Pinot Noir on InstagramWith Pinot by Tituss.
  10. roll clip!
    Matthew Rhys and Matthew Goode Have a Wine ShowYour two Matts.
  11. wine
    Tituss Burgess Is Actually Selling Pinot NoirDrink it in a mid-sized car.
  12. diane keaton
    Diane Keaton Got to Hug Justin BieberTalk shows are so much better when you bring your own wine.
  13. i’ll drink to that
    Olivia Pope Drinks Wine Wrong, Says New York TimesYou’re supposed to sip it??
  14. The Complete Guide to Everything: ChicagoOctober’s the time for outdoor autumnal activities. In Tom’s case that means traveling to Long Island to tour wineries, go pumpkin picking, […]
  15. exclusive
    Watch Cougar Town’s Cast Try Not to Spill WineEnjoy the no-spill cheers.
  16. clickables
    Buy Your Own ‘Big Joe’–Cougar Town Wine GlassR.I.P., Big Joe.
  17. clickables
    Learn a New Travel-Friendly Way to Drink a Bottle of WineThank you, Starbucks Trenta!