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  1. wishes
    Saturday Night Live Should Start at 11 p.m.A reasonable request.
  2. wishes
    What Will a Shonda Rhimes Netflix Show Look Like?We have a few ideas.
  3. wishes
    5 Details We Hope Are in The Handmaid’s Tale TV SeriesBlessed be the fruit.
  4. wishes
    Please Stop Comparing Girls to Sex and the CityThese shows were never alike at all.
  5. wishes
    What We Want to See in The Mindy Project’s Final SeasonJeremy deserves a special lady.
  6. wishes
    Why Grey’s Anatomy Should Go There With Meredith and AlexIf Mer ends up with Alex, it’d be Grey’s greatest love story.
  7. wishes
    5 Tips for Netflix’s Queer Eye for the Straight Guy RebootCall it Gay Eye for the Straight Guy.
  8. wishes
    NBC’s Hairspray Live! Could Be the First Live Musical That MattersThe musical is going to play differently in the Trump era — and that could make for some memorable television.
  9. wishes
    5 Things We Want From Westworld Season Two1. Stop living in the past.
  10. wishes
    Drakeworld, and 5 Other Theme Parks That Would Be Better Than WestworldWho wants to go to the Wild Wild West?
  11. wishes
    5 Olympians Who Deserve Reality ShowsRemember What Would Ryan Lochte Do?
  12. wishes
    4 Ways NBC’s Olympics Coverage Could Be BetterMake the Olympics on TV great again.
  13. wishes
    Hey, MTV Classic: Gen X Also Wants Its MTVMTV Classic is all about MTV nostalgia … and pretending that MTV didn’t start until the 1990s.
  14. wishes
    Story Lines for the Kyle Richards Sitcom“As she struggles to raise her family, Bonnie sets out to claim her own brand of independence in a world not ready to give it.” Hmm.
  15. wishes
    Why We Need a Big Gay TV ShowThere are gay people all over television. So why can’t we have a show about them?
  16. How Do We Get Back to Peak Nashville? A Wish ListGet Rayna and Juliette in a room together, ASAP.
  17. wishes
    Possible Good Wife Spin-offs and How They’d WorkIt’s nice to have something to dream of.
  18. wishes
    What We Hope Happens in the Downton Abbey FinaleGive Thomas some damn job stability, would ya?
  19. wishes
    7 Changes We’d Like to See in The Good Wife’s New SeasonTell us what Alicia really wants.
  20. wishes
    Make Keegan-Michael Key Our Next Rom-Com Leading ManPlaying House is proof enough.
  21. time is a flat etc
    5 Possible Endings to Redeem True DetectiveDo we have to say it again? More crow mask!
  22. wishes
    We Need More Weird Shows, Even If They’re Not That GreatWasn’t streaming supposed to bring us those?
  23. wishes
    What Should a Summer TV Show Be?It should be like The O.C.
  24. wishes
    Game of Thrones’ Relentless MiseryI just want one happy episode. One!
  25. season finales
    Don’t Let This Be It for The Mindy ProjectThis is not how rom-coms end.
  26. wishes
    What Should Happen Next Season on How to Get Away With MurderMore murder, one hopes.
  27. wishes
    Possible Mad Men Spinoffs, and How They’d WorkRoger’s would be a flashback.
  28. wishes
    It’s Time for TV Rom-ComsInstead of another cop show, how about a love story?
  29. wishes
    Someone Give Justin Timberlake a TV Show, PleaseHe wants to be on TV so, so badly.
  30. wishes
    Vulture’s Bold Wish List for This Season’s SNL HostsBenedict Cumberbatch. Make it so.
  31. wishes
    When Is Mad Men Going to Bring Back Sal?Soon, please.
  32. zou bisou bisou
    A Mad Men Wish List for Season SixWe want to hear Don laugh. While sober.
  33. wishes
    Shaq Has a Pretty Reasonable Explanation for Kazaam“Someone said, ‘Hey, here’s $7 million, come in and do this genie movie.’”