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Wishful Drinking

  1. tune-in notice
    See Carrie Fisher & Debbie Reynolds TV MarathonHBO, ABC, and Logo will air remembrances of their work.
  2. carrie fisher
    Carrie Fisher Was Reportedly Returning to StageWe will never see Wishful Drinking Strikes Back.
  3. candor
    Carrie Fisher on John Travolta’s Sexuality: ‘I’m Sorry That He’s Uncomfortable With It’Oh, she went there.
  4. drama
    Carrie Fisher Strikes Back at Wishful Drinking ProducerThe case sounds complicated, but surely awesome Carrie Fisher should be earning more than $2,500 per week, right?
  5. the industry
    Tom Cruise’s Son Is Will Smith, ConfusinglyPlus: Carrie Fisher’s one-woman show is heading towards Broadway, and a producer options “Bad, Bad Leroy Brown.”