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  1. vulture lists
    20 Pic Chest-off: Jackman vs. McConaugheyOne can never really appreciate the full extent of a thespian’s talents until he acts shirtless.
  2. pecs
    Hugh Jackman’s Chest Has a Role ModelAnd it’s probably not who you think it is.
  3. piracy
    Did the Leak Save Wolverine’s Word of Mouth?If ‘Wolverine’ bombs, Fox certainly can’t blame it on negative publicity.
  4. jackman
    Those Tweets Weren’t Jackman’sOft-topless Wolverine-portraying Oscar savior Hugh Jackman has been forced to admit to using a ghost Twitterer.
  5. ad wizards
    Papa John’s Promises Wolverine Will Be ‘Loaded With Cheese’The XL-Xtreme Cheese Pizza also comes topless, just like Hugh Jackman!
  6. daredevils
    Hugh Jackman Remains the Consummate ShowmanEvery press tour should begin on Cockatoo Island.
  7. piracy
    Roger Friedman Officially Canned for Wolverine ReviewSays Fox News: “Fox News representatives and Roger Friedman met today and mutually agreed to part ways immediately.”
  8. piracy
    Roger Friedman in Trouble for Reviewing Wolverine, ‘Promoting Piracy’Things that will get you fired from the company that made ‘Wolverine’: downloading and reviewing a leaked copy of Fox’s ‘Wolverine.’
  9. unsolved mysteries
    So, Who Exactly Are the Main Suspects in the Wolverine Leak?One thing is certain: There’s no shortage of them!
  10. raves
    Roger Friedman Loves Wolverine!“It’s miles easier to understand than ‘The Dark Knight’, and tremendously more emotional!”
  11. disasters
    Wolverine Screener Claws Its Way OnlineA full-length, high-quality copy of ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ leaked online last night.
  12. the future
    Vulture’s 2009 Pre-Depression Summer-Movie PreviewHow much money will this summer’s blockbusters make? And how will they fare against last year’s record-breaking hits?
  13. trailer mix
    Hugh Jackman Saved the Oscars, But Can He Save Wolverine?Don’t fret, there’s still plenty of time to add a song-and-dance number into the final cut!
  14. quote machine
    Daniel Craig Is Gonna Live ForeverPlus: Scarlett Johansson is nobody’s Juno.
  15. vulture lists
    10 Oddball Things Your Comics Collection NeedsSure, it’s easy to rattle off the must-haves for a collection — but how about the stuff that makes your collection actually cool?
  16. the water cooler
    See the Life-size ‘Watchmen’ Owlship, and Other News From Comic-Con’Tron 2,’ ‘Fringe,’ ‘Wolverine,’ and more all together at the year’s biggest Hollywood promotional event.
  17. the industry
    Breaking: DriveShaft Bassist Joins the X-Men!Plus industry news on Philip Seymour Hoffman, Bill Nighy, and Coldplay.
  18. the industry
    U2 Back in the Studio, Recording an Album or TwoPlus industry news on Roland Emmerich, Wolverine, and Ebenezer Scrooge.
  19. the industry
    Kenneth Branagh and January Jones Rock the BoatPlus: Van Wilder meets Wolverine!
  20. the industry
    George Packer, Karl Rove, and John Mellencamp Finally Share a HeadlinePlus industry news on the Reese Witherspoon’s new movie and Wolverine’s new sidekick.
  21. the industry
    John Cusack and Gong Li Get ShanghaiedPlus: What’s Russel Crowe up to?
  22. countdown
    Hollywood Labor Update: Writers Strike Delayed?Today’s the big day! The Writers Guild’s contract expires at midnight tonight, which means they have only a few short hours to negotiate a new one with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers before a strike is called and Hollywood crumbles into the Pacific Ocean, never to be heard from again.
  23. apropos of nothing
    Writers Guild Strike Means Next Year’s Movies Could Make Even Less Sense Than This Year’sWith the seemingly inevitable Writers Guild strike set to immobilize the TV and movie industries on November 1, Hollywood’s screenwriters are rushing to complete work on scripts before their contract expires next Wednesday.
  24. the industry
    Liev Schreiber Needs to Pay the Rent Like Everybody ElsePlus industry news on Kid Rock, Chan Marshall, and Star Trek.
  25. the industry
    Seth Rogen Now Wearing Green Tights in a Movie, Not Just in Your DreamsPlus industry news on Steven Soderbergh’s Che Guevara biopics, Wolverine, and a great country-and-western musical.