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Wonder Woman 2

  1. the best chris
    Chris Pine’s Fanny Pack Is My New Sexual OrientationHave you seen it?
  2. wonder woman 1984
    Patty Jenkins Reveals that Chris Pine Will Be Back in Wonder Woman 2Steve Trevor has somehow made it to 1984.
  3. casting couch
    Kristen Wiig Might Play the Villain in Wonder Woman 2She’s reportedly in talks to play Cheetah.
  4. what a tease
    Wonder Woman 2 Is Getting a Great Love Story, Baby Just Say YesDiana was young when she first saw Steve.
  5. wonder women
    Wonder Woman 2 Deal Makes Patty Jenkins Highest-Paid Female Director in HistoryPatty’s got a new quote to meet.
  6. wonder woman 2
    Wonder Woman Sequel Gets an Official December 2019 Release DateYou’ve got two years to get properly hyped.
  7. sequels forever
    The Wonder Woman Sequel Will Pit Diana Against the Soviets During the Cold WarFrom Themyscira, With Love