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  1. praise be
    Hollywood, Give Robin Wright More Badass RolesWhen did you realize that you needed to see Robin Wright barrel down a mystical beach, racing into a battle against a bunch of Germans?
  2. What Would a Truly Feminist Blockbuster Cinema Look Like?Whatever it is, I look forward to seeing someone like Patty Jenkins figure it out.
  3. The Strange, Complicated, Feminist History of Wonder Woman’s Origin StoryThat it has been heavily criticized, reframed, and rewritten so often reflects a failure to understand female-power fantasies on a larger scale.
  4. history
    Were You Aware the Bad Guy in Wonder Woman Was a Real Person?Erich Ludendorff was the second-highest-ranking German general in the closing days of World War I.
  5. literally strong female characters
    Give Thanks: Robin Wright’s General Antiope Will Appear in Justice LeagueThe Amazon’s greatest warrior will ride, and perhaps shoot arrows, again.
  6. Which Wonder Woman Costume Was Your Favorite?The suffragette glasses, or Steve Trevor’s activewear?
  7. Why Did Wonder Woman Work? It Was Self-containedThe superhero flick required no prior knowledge — providing a possible model for future Warner Bros. superhero projects.
  8. A Word About My Wonder Woman ReviewLast Thursday, my review was received with outrage and ridicule.
  9. praise be
    You’re Going to Want to Read Lupita Nyong’o’s Wonder Woman Review“I just left the theater and KNOW for CERTAIN that the GODS have seen fit to BLESS us.”
  10. adaptations
    Do You Remember the David E. Kelley Wonder Woman Pilot That Never Aired?Six years ago, David E. Kelley made a Wonder Woman pilot that NBC never picked up.
  11. complaints
    Legal Complaints Filed Over Alamo Drafthouse Female-Only Wonder Woman ScreeningsAn Austin spokeswoman has said multiple people have filed discrimination complaints over the theater’s screenings.
  12. Revisiting the Comics Story That Redefined Wonder WomanIt was written and drawn by one of the comics medium’s greats, George Pérez.
  13. The ’70s Wonder Woman TV Show Was Like Nothing Anyone Had Seen Before▶️ Lynda Carter’s Amazonian heroine was a game changer for TV action.
  14. Wonder Woman Is Looking Like a Hit. Here’s What That Would Mean for Hollywood.Wonder Woman has a chance at the highest-ever opening for a live-action female-directed film.
  15. movie review
    Movie Review: Wonder Woman Is a Star Turn for Gal GadotBut the rest is pretty clunky.
  16. sequels
    The Wonder Woman Sequel Will Probably Be Set in Modern TimesWe will not see Diana Prince in the Mad Men era, unfortunately.
  17. movies
    Lebanon Bans Wonder Woman Because Gal Gadot Is IsraeliAbout two hours before the movie played, the Lebanese government reportedly yanked the film.
  18. vulture lists
    7 Comics to Read Before Seeing Wonder WomanWant to understand Wonder Woman? These comics are the perfect place to start.
  19. literally strong female characters
    You Can Watch a Victoria’s Secret Model Stab a Guy in Wonder WomanDoutzen Kroes had some good times in her Amazonian armor.
  20. manchester bombing
    How the Manchester Bombing Is Affecting the Entertainment Industry in the U.K.Ariana Grande postponed her tour, Wonder Woman canceled its London premiere, and more.
  21. Groot Versus Gru: Which Summer Movie Will Rule the Box Office?Guardians 2? Wonder Woman? Dunkirk?
  22. trailer mix
    New Wonder Woman Trailer Gives Us the Lasso of Truth and Doctor PoisonYou can’t handle the Lasso of Truth.
  23. It’s a Superhero Extravaganza in a New Trailer for Justice LeagueJustice. For. All.
  24. An Amazonian Childhood Is Grueling and Fun to Watch in New Wonder Woman TrailerOrigin stories!
  25. wonder woman
    Breaking Down the Secrets of the New Wonder Woman TrailerAnd we get Danny Huston’s adorable punim.
  26. trailer mix
    The Next Wonder Woman Trailer Is Here, Hera Be PraisedDiana goes to war.
  27. international politics
    UN Staffers Protest Wonder Woman As Ambassador More than 600 staffers have signed a petition, and others engaged in a silent protest.
  28. sequential art
    Is Wonder Woman Queer? ‘The Answer Is Obviously Yes,’ Says Her WriterBut Greg Rucka says she’s not “gay,” per se.
  29. feuds
    Patty Jenkins Defends Wonder Woman on TwitterThe director says the “real lasso of truth” is time.
  30. takedowns
    This Open Letter Rages at Top Warner Bros. Execs“It’s time to wake up and make the fucking donuts, Kevin.”
  31. comic con 2016
    The Justice League Trailer Is Packed With Jokes And Batfleck is taking his bat-voice to the next bat-level.
  32. comic con 2016
    Comic-Con: Check Out the Brand-New Wonder Woman TrailerWelcome to Paradise Island.
  33. girl power
    Gal Gadot Explains Why Wonder Woman Needed a Female Director “I think only a woman, who has been a girl, can be able to tell the story in the right way.”
  34. What We Learned From DC’s Wonder Woman Writer AnnouncementGeoff Johns, the rising creative mind who recently took over DC’s film division, co-wrote the screenplay.
  35. sequential art
    Comics Star Grant Morrison Talks Wonder WomanHis new graphic novel about her comes out soon.
  36. first looks
    Robin Wright Is an Actual Freakin’ Goddess in Wonder WomanDid you expect anything less?
  37. What Film and TV Adaptations Don’t Get About Wonder WomanThe superhero may be iconic, but watching her adaptations proves she doesn’t get much respect.
  38. getting rand-y
    Zack Snyder’s Working on a Fountainhead MovieAnd he called Wonder Woman a “feminist icon”!
  39. the industry
    Wonder Woman Screenwriter to Pen Lobo MovieHis second DC adaptation. 
  40. roll clip!
    Here’s Your First Look at the Wonder Woman Movie“We’re going to see her coming of age,” says star Gal Gadot.
  41. dulce et decorum est
    Wonder Woman Is Set During World War IDownton Abbey clothes! Newsboy caps! A horrific amount of death!
  42. the industry
    Pine Happy to Take a Backseat to Wonder WomanHe’ll play the love interest of Wonder Woman.
  43. wonder woman
    Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman Will Try to Make Cloaks Big AgainWarner Bros. also confirmed the upcoming film’s cast.
  44. The 25 Best Onscreen Female SuperheroesSupergirl and Marvel’s Jessica Jones give us hope, but let’s look back at how far these ass-kicking women have come (hint: not far enough).
  45. the industry
    Yes, Chris Pine Will Co-star in Wonder WomanRev your pun engines.
  46. the industry
    Chris Pine Might Co-star in Wonder Woman[Insert your pining jokes here, guys.]
  47. the industry
    Why Warner, MacLaren Clashed Over Wonder WomanThe director reportedly wanted the film to be more like Braveheart.
  48. the industry
    Wonder Woman Has Found Another DirectorIn Patty Jenkins!
  49. exits
    Michelle MacLaren Isn’t Directing Wonder Woman AnymoreCreative differences.
  50. movies
    The Other Wonder Woman: Michelle MacLaren Is the Best Director on TVThe Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones alum is no slouch herself.
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