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  1. chat room
    Stephanie Beatriz Wants to Surprise People With Her RolesThe Encanto star’s new podcast explores a cultlike dating community.
  2. 🔥
    Stephanie Beatriz Tackles Cult Obsession and Twin Flames in New PodcastA new podcast about finding true love … sort of.
  3. podcast review
    Operator Gives the Phone Sex Industry the Wolf of Wall Street TreatmentThe podcast chronicles the rise of and fall of ATN, a key player in the phone sex world.
  4. podcast review
    Suspect Might Be the Best True-Crime Podcast of the YearIt’s far from revolutionary, but there’s something to be said about being the most polished version of a standard.
  5. trailer mix
    Joshua Jackson Sends Shivers Up Your Spine in Peacock’s Dr. Death TrailerJust shivers, if you’re lucky.
  6. hot pod
    L’Affaire CaliphateWhat went wrong at the New York Times?
  7. podcasts
    In a Bid for Your Ears, Amazon Music Is Buying the Podcast Network WonderyHaving first delved into podcasting back in September.
  8. hot pod
    When Conservative Listeners Find Your PodcastPlus: What’s next for The Daily?
  9. casting
    Joshua Jackson Is Your Brand-New Dr. DeathJamie Dornan had to bow out of the Peacock series due to COVID-related production delays.
  10. hot pod
    Wondery Plots an Exit StrategyPlus: What does Apple want with Scout FM?
  11. casting
    Kate McKinnon to Star As Crime-Fighting Cat Lady in New SeriesIs there such a thing as too perfect casting?