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Wong Kar Wai

  1. movie review
    Ebiri on The Grandmaster: Welcome Back, Wong Kar-waiA kung-fu movie by the director of Chungking Express and In the Mood for Love.
  2. trailer mix
    The Grandmaster Trailer: The Year’s Artiest FightingApparently, Bruce Lee’s teacher was also very good at kung fu.
  3. amateur cinematography
    How to Shoot Instagram Photos That Look Like Your Favorite Directors’ FilmsFrom Steven Soderbergh to Wes Anderson.
  4. trailer mix
    Wong Kar-Wai Picks a Fight in The Grandmasters TrailerMartial arts shot stylishly in the rain.
  5. clickables
    Watch a Teaser for Wong Kar-Wai’s New Kung Fu FilmIt’s like the ‘Street Fighter IV’ teaser with no fighting.
  6. trailer mix
    The Limits of Control Trailer: Jim Jarmusch’s Greatest HitsLots of sex! Lots of guns! You’ll love it!
  7. chat room
    Wong Kar Wai on ‘Ashes of Time Redux’ and the Joys of Working With a Drunk, Naked CinematographerWong sat down with Vulture to discuss his technique.
  8. news reel
    Wong Kar-Wai Apparently Does Take Off His Sunglasses Sometimes“Nothing happens, for hours. It’s just the way he shoots. Nobody knows what’s happening, not even the actors.”