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Word Games

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    A Stupid Little Star Wars Game to Play With Yourself to Pass the TimeIt will make you rethink how you say the words “star” and “wars.”
  2. word association
    Beyoncé Finally Speaks — via a Pretty Telling Word-Association Cloud Middle finger to the competition.
  3. word games
    Fabolous Has Some Suggestions for Words With FriendsDo not make him wait for his Words With Friends turn.
  4. word games
    A.O. Scott Channels Jonathan Swift to Review Gulliver’s Travels“Indulge, rather, my views on ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ which somewhat cleverly converts my great Satire into a gaudy, puerile Toy.”
  5. word games
    Lil Wayne’s New Single Has the World Asking: Is the ‘G’ Silent in Lasagna?“Real G’s move in silence like lasagna.” True?