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  1. lingering questions
    Every Question I Had While Watching the Netflix Teen Movie Work ItI had to learn what a dance belt was the hard way, and now you do, too.
  2. work it
    Missy Elliott Puts Everyone Else in the Game to Shame at 2019 MTV VMAsThe woman, the myth, the legend.
  3. gone too soon
    In Memoriam: TV Shows and Characters We Lost in 2012Grab the tissues!
  4. The Short, Incredibly Misguided Life of ‘Work It’Sometimes TV shows drag their unfunny, uninteresting, yet highly rated feet across our living rooms for years. “Who let this happen?” we ponder […]
  5. What Fans of Abruptly Canceled Shows Talk AboutI “Like” a lot of shows on Facebook. Why? I could say it’s because I like having my Feed updated with news reports and interesting links about […]
  6. supercut
    The Sitcom Season in Rape JokesA video.
  7. in memoriam
    A Final Farewell to Work ItAt least we all briefly shared a common enemy.
  8. work it
    See What Work It Would Look Like If the Guys Dressed Up Like Cats Instead of LadiesWomen, cats, it’s all the same when the show is this insufferable.
  9. The Cougar Town Gang Will Troop Back to the Cul de Sac Starting Feb. 14Just as we suspected, Cougar Town will replace the late, great Work It Tuesdays at 8:30 on ABC, effective Feb. 14. Welcome back, Penny Can […]
  10. ABC Mercy Kills Work ItAfter two episodes — one more than we thought it would last — ABC has pulled the plug on the maybe-offensive, definitely-terrible […]
  11. ABC Cancels Work It After Cross-Dressing Show FlopsAfter just two episodes.
  12. Unbelievably, People Are Still Watching Work ItReally? 5.1 million people watched ABC’s Work It last night? At least it’s fewer than last week; maybe next week it’ll be a little less. Slow […]
  13. the hate recap
    The Hate Recap: Work It Wonders If It’s ‘Okay for Women to Flirt to Get What They Want’“I’ll be home tongue kissing my dog,”
  14. Is It Possible for the Star of a Single-Episode Sitcom to Save Their […]Since 1961, only 10 American TV series have aired for only a single episode. If there is a God, that list will soon increase to 11 when ABC […]
  15. Work It Premiere Had Better Ratings Than NBC’s Thursday Comedies Usually […]The premiere of ABC’s much-reviled Work It had over 6 million viewers last night, which is better than NBC’s Thursday lineup but not as good as […]
  16. ratings
    Work It Premieres to So-So RatingsThey’re not good, but they’re also not as bad as this show deserved.
  17. the hate recap
    The Hate Recap: On the First Episode of Work ItBecause sometimes a recap just isn’t enough.
  18. The Best, Most Brutal Quotes From Reviews of Work ItABC premieres Work It tonight, a show about two dudes dressing up as women in order to get jobs during a “mancession,” and it’s gotten some of […]
  19. clickables
    Watch Work It Set to the Bosom Buddies OpeningWhat could be funnier than men wearing skirts?
  20. Work It Is Already Offending Tons of People Before Its First EpisodeLGBT advocacy groups have mounted a full-scale campaign against ABC’s Work It, the drag comedy airing Jan. 3. GLAAD has asked ABC not to air […]
  21. work it
    Not Surprisingly, LGBT Groups Not Big Fans of ABC’s Work ItThey say it “reinforces negative and damaging stereotypes about transgender people.”
  22. So That’s Why Work It Went to SeriesThe latest hip Hollywood thing to know about is the Friends mafia. Yes, there is a secret cabal of writers for Friends who, seven years after […]
  23. work it
    Try to Understand the New Ad for Work ItWait, why are those women using urinals? We’re lost here.
  24. Is ABC’s Work It Unfair to Women? Work It, ABC’s upcoming comedy about men dressing as women to get jobs, does not look like it’s breaking any records for being funny. But it […]
  25. upfronts 2011
    Watch Clips From ABC’s ComediesIncluding ‘Apartment 23,’ where James Van Der Beek makes fun of himself.
  26. vulture lists
    The 20 Most Exciting Pilots of the Upcoming TV Season’Lost’ alums! Snow White! Bitches! Magic! And the five pilots we’re most excited about for the wrong reasons.